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Famous Funeral Homes

A Guide To Funeral Homes That Have Made the News

The most important thing to remember about famous funeral homes is that they are famous because they are unusual. It is important to remember this because most famous funeral homes have some sort of tough story behind them that might make consumers wary of the entire funeral home industry. But if consumers realize that the famous funeral homes they hear about are famous because they are abnormal, then justice is best served. Most funeral homes are professionally run and managed operations that can be expected to provide high quality, compassionate and competent service for the loved ones of the deceased placed in their care.

But famous funeral homes are another story all together.

Maybe the most famous funeral home of recent years probably deserves the title “infamous.” The Tri-State Funeral Home and Crematory in northwest Georgia is famous for a discovery of more than 300 decomposing bodies buried on its premises. The bodies had been schedule for cremation but the funeral home's cremation oven was in a state of hopeless disrepair, so the outfit's owners buried the bodies and gave grieving families fake ashes. The discovery resulted in serious criminal charges being brought against the owners and a slew of national news coverage of the story brought increased scrutiny of funeral homes and crematories nationally.

But the extra attention didn't keep this same story from reoccurring countless times in succeeding years, albeit on a smaller scale. (The Tri-State discoveries occurred in 2002.) Several reality television shows in recent years have devoted themselves to tales of famous funeral homes that had similar problems. It almost seems common place now that funeral homes will stack bodies for days on end when a cremation oven is on the blink. Laws typically require, meanwhile, that bodies be cremated within 24 hours of when they are received by a funeral home, unless refrigeration arrangements have been made.

So, again, because of the prevalence of these types of famous funeral homes in recent years, it is important to remember that most funeral homes are not famous. Generally speaking, customers can trust their funeral home to conduct cremations as promised and to return ashes that are genuinely the remains of the deceased loved one. Only at some famous funeral homes do things occasionally work differently.

Another thing to remember about famous funeral homes is that, sometimes, they are entirely fictional. One very curious fictional funeral home can be found on Facebook under the name Jimmy Jacks World Famous BBQ & Funeral Home. As one visitor's comment indicates, “Something ain't right about this place.”

Well, obviously, this famous funeral home is some prankster's idea of a joke. After much research, this writer has concluded that this establishment, famous though it may be, simply does not really exist.

Suffice it to say, the world of fame has not been good to funeral homes. But that's probably a good thing. Fame brings with it attention and attention can tend to turn solemn, serious affairs like funerals into fits of discomfort for those involved.

So, perhaps it is good that an internet search for Famous Funeral Homes yields little of interest aside from the cases mentioned above. Famous Funerals, on the other hand, are too numerous to list here: from presidents to popes to movie stars to world heros. But in each of those cases of famous funerals, it was the funeral home that took a back seat to the affair. And most customers and funeral directors alike will say that's exactly where a funeral home should be. For best results in deciding upon a funeral home to care for your family and a loved one's remains, it may usually be best to avoid the famous establishments.

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