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Click here for Cats Memorials

Whether it is for their sneakiness, their delightful sense of mischief, or their wholehearted (yet un submissive) loyalty, cats bring joy to humans around the world. Cats fill humans with a sense of wonder, and they are easily able to find pieces of themselves in their feline friends. Capturing the awesome love that exists between humans and cats are cat urns. Cat cremation urns come in many beautiful designs, and are perfect for honoring the memory of any fallen feline. One of the most stunning cat urns is the "Soda Fired Porcelain Cat Urn." Made in a high powered soda kiln, this cat cremation urn comes as a white vase, doused along the center with a streak of green. On top is a cat figurine, resting lazily on the lid, which is made to resemble a carpet. Cats, as all humans know, have refined tastes, and these cat cremation urns are truly museum quality. These cat funeral urns come specially designed with greater than average room for the ashes, a perfect tribute to a fallen feline friend.

Cat Rainbow"Always My Kitty" Cat urns for ashes have a truly exotic feel to them. Coming as a bronze figure of a mysterious looking cat, who looks like he’s about to get himself into trouble, this cat urn captures all of the mystery and mischief inside of each cat. This is a cat cremation urn that is sure to please. Cat jewelry urns are also quite popular. One of the loveliest features a sly looking cat wrapped into a curl, this cat cremation urn will also give its wearer an air of sophistication and good taste, not unlike the cat she mourns.

This is the digital age, and so it makes sense that cat urns have not been left behind. This is one of the most fascinating cat urns, because with the click of a remote, it allows its owners to watch a slide show of digital photos of the departed cat’s best moments. How about the time Buttons managed to knock down the Christmas tree by leaning up against it? Then there were all of his “hide and seek,” games where he would pop out of nowhere, seeming to say, “I gotcha! Ha ha ha!” All of these happy moments can now be relived with the digital cat urn.

A more traditional cat cremation urn comes in a stylized oak. This cat urn exudes a good taste, class, and an appreciation of the finer things that would make any cat proud of his owner. There is also plenty of room for the ashes as well. Every cat has regal blood inside of them, and this is a cat urn fit for a king.

An increasingly popular cat urn comes in brass. These cat urns for ashes are reminiscent of Ancient Egypt, an era when cats were revered as gods. This cat urn shows that since that time, their fate has not drastically worsened. These cat urns feature an engraving in the shape of a cat head in the center, and will be a fantastic way to remember any cat.

Despite their tremendous intelligence, cats tend to see life a bit more simply than humans. A fitting reminder of this is the stone cat urn. This cat urn for ashes comes as a surprisingly light stone, with cat footprints engraved, and a picCat Casketture frame for the departed kitty. This cat urn is also a reminder of his wild ancestors, lions, tigers, jaguars, and cougars. Perhaps the closest thing Buttons uttered to a roar was a mere “meow,” but in his heart, he was a fierce warrior still.

A truly heavenly cat urn is the “Angelic Cat Urn for Ashes.” These cat funeral urns feature an angel holding a picture of the departed cat, which she stands ready to sweep into heaven. There, he will enjoy giant scratching posts, huge cat bowls, and fingers coming out of the sky to rub his tummy for as long as he wants. Marble cat urns are also quite magnificent. With their sleek and shiny appearance, they somewhat resemble a cat’s coat. These cat urns for ashes are full of grace and charm, and are sure to be a great heirloom for years to come. It is a sad thing to lose a cat friend. Cat urns allow owners to focus on the happy memories they were able to spend with their beloved feline. They are also a fitting tribute to a fine animal, which is filled with pride, pomp, and a charming quality of fun as well.  Your Premier Online Source for all your Funeral and Memorial needs. We live up to our name and reputation our staff is standing by to assist you, all products with No Sales Tax & Free Delivery.


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