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Artistic Glass Urns

What Funeral Urn will be the best fit for our Cremation Ashes


In an era where cremation is becoming more and more popular, many families are finding that they would like to honor their loved one with a memorial service, but are at in a quandary as to how the deceased should be presented in the service. Funeral urns are, quite simply, standard cremation ash urns that designed to be displayed, in place of a body in a casket, during a funeral service. It should be noted that the term “standard cremation urn” is a bit of a misnomer. The nearly endless variety of cremation ash urns available today mean that no urn can truly be called a “standard”  cremation urn. For the purpose of this article, by 'standard', we are referring to the basic size of most of these urns. While many can be quite shapely, and others more simple yet ornate, they all share the 'standard' capacity of most adult-sized urns, which is around 200 to 230 cubic inches. Funeral urns come in almost as wide of a selection as there are personalities in the world, and, in this respect, they are much like their memorial cousin, the custom or personalized coffin. As one can see during a visit to the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston (Texas), coffins can be molded into any number of shapes: cars, fish, and airplanes - almost anything that will fit the unique personality of the deceased. Well, the same is true of funeral urns, as these urns are fashioned in a variety of sophisticated designs, and actually tend to be much less expensive than their hand-made counterparts, which are usually very expensive, and these urns are occasionally even more intricate than custom made coffins.

Funeral urns have become more and more popular, especially in recent years as Americans, and others all across the developed world, have begun turning to cremation in record numbers. The reason cremation has become more and more popular is due to several factors, ranging from financial, to emotional and even hygienic, to name a few. The availability and selection of funeral urns, however, has allowed traditional funerals to maintain their own popularity when cremation tends to be suitable for other types of ceremonies, such as those where the ashes are to be scattered, in which a 'scattering' urn would be utilized. A scattering urn is usually a small, easy to handle cremation urn that is made to open so the ashes can be easily dispensed. With the relatively minor substitution of funeral urns for coffins, traditional funerals can proceed as they always have, complete with a “viewing” period, followed by a service conducted by a pastor and a graveside service near the area where, just as a coffin, the funeral urn is to be buried, if desired. Funeral urns are often built in classic, serious shapes that capture the intellectual or seriously spiritual part of a person’s personality. The reason these types of urns are so different from others is that while they usually feature classically somber shapes, they are beautifully decorated, making them ideal to display. The cremation urn to the right is made of a durable resin, yet the design in the piece, the swirling of the deep black backdrop against the rich, gold striations throughout, gives the urn the appearance of an expensive, maybe even other-worldy, marble. This urn could be proudly displayed in the service, yet is still simple enough to be interred easily in a cremation urn vault. Another great aspect of this type of urn is that it is not only very gorgeous, but also very affordable, but still offers the longevity of other cremation urns, unlike most of their 'scattering' counterparts. That is not to say that all funeral urns have to be overly ornate. Religious and military funeral urns, for example, are often more simple and feature a religious or military insignia. These urns are also works of art that may result in a smile on the viewer’s face; although the smile would be more from pride and honor than from humor and laughter.

Because funeral urns can also be decorated and molded to fit any personality, they have the great benefit of helping grieving family members remember the good memories sparked by the deceased. The reason these funeral urns are so acceptable for memorial services is that they can usually offer the family with a way to capture the personality of the loved one, while still maintaining an air of dignity and respect. The Cowboy Boots Cremation Urn to the left is an excellent example of a sculptural urn that is not only affordable, but also, in itself, highly personalized. We have had many families that select this urn, and one of the main reasons was simply that it truly personified their loved one. These urns can even have a therapeutic quality, as some don't have the traditional appearance of a cremation vessel, which helps see it in a different light. Some of these urns even have whimsical quality that can bring a smile, especially regarding the context of the piece. Because they can be fashioned into fun, uplifting designs, funeral urns are sometimes reminiscent of the famous quote from nineteenth century English poet Robert Browning. “God’s in his Heaven – All’s right with the world,” Browning said. These more whimsical funeral urns can capture the spirit of that quote and cause even the most teary-eyed of mourners to leave a funeral with Browning’s quote in their heart and mind. A customer once told us that the person the urn to the left was intended for would have 'gotten a real kick' out of the piece, as they felt it fit their personality on all levels, and was truly delighted to have found such a beautiful vessel. She even said that she couldn't believe how happy she felt in choosing a cremation urn. It certainly goes without saying that a family could feel proud that they were able to find an urn that fit their loved one so well, which would bring peace of mind in the feeling that the perfect urn was selected. With the help of these unconventional cremation urns, funerals can be staged as happy celebration of the life of the loved one the urn is intended to memorialize, passing on the energetic, hopefulness of the deceased to their friends and family. It is through this passing on that the deceased is never truly lost, but alive in our hearts and memories, and will continue to be the memories that we will, in turn, pass on to those we love, for many generations to come.

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