Cat Urns

There are a variety of ash vessels that will honor the earthly remains of a feline friend

Cat urns bring to mind a philosophical question that has been intriguing mankind for centuries: do animals have souls that travel to heaven at life's end? While the halls of academia will rage with debate on that topic for decades (or even centuries) to come, anyone whose life has been enhanced by the presence of a faithful feline friend will answer the question with an affirmative and declarative yes. For a great time cats were seen as beings of the 'other world', as noted in Ancient Egyptian and other cultures. Despite mainstream believes, cats have won their way into the homes and hearts of many. Be it their sly, elusive nature or their silent and watchful eyes that can seem hold great wisdom, our feline friends make for comforting and loving companions that always capture and hold our attention. Because of their demanding nature, it can certainly be easy to quickly begin to miss a cat who has, unfortunately, passed away.

Cat urns are just the thing that any family needs to celebrate – and cope with – their lost friend's transition. The variety of cat urns available from today's memorial industry is truly astounding. Any beloved cat's unique personality can be captured and admired for the ages. Surprisingly, cat ash vessels are usually best selected from reputable online memorial retailers rather than a veterinarian's office. Many veterinarians do Sculptural cat urns are some of the most popular to date.carry a small line of cat urns and make them available to their customers who have lost a cat and have asked for the remains to be cremated. But (because veterinarians are in the business of saving lives and after-death care is merely a sideline that is often helpful for customers) these offices hardly ever offer the amazing variety of cat urns that can be found online. A few moments on an online retail site will put families in touch with thousands of beautiful cat urns, and most can be ordered and shipped in plenty of time for a memorial service following a cremation.. In fact, the act of searching for the perfect cat cremation urn in such a setup can be a therapeutic experience in itself, as one gets to see the various options, and ensure that they have found the perfect urn to represent their special friend. Here is a brief description of the many choices available here on for creating a memorial tribute that will protect and honor the earthly essence of an angel kitty.

Probably the most popular type of cat cremation urns are those that are shaped like cats themselves. Luckily, there are a great number of pet ash vessels that features a great number of whimsical and elegant cat urns, and are offered in a variety of different materials, such as wood, metal, ceramic, cultured resins, and glass, just to name a few. Some of the most popular are the a cat figurine urns (available in sizes ranging from a few inches to full, life-sized versions) that is attached to a base (made from a variety of materials ranging from wood to marble) in which the cat’s cremation remains are stored. Usually the base is then adorned with a metal plaque of some sort that includes an engraving with the cat's name, a few memorial words, and the dates of the cat's life. Another popular model of cat urn is a hollow, life-size model of a cat (usually made of ceramic or some sort of metal). The cremation ashes are stored inside the model itself. In many cases this model of cat urn can be outfitted with an engraved plaque or some other means of personalizing, but in many other cases this is not necessary; the life-sized models featured in this type of cat urn can be so realistic looking that they bear an uncanny resemblance to the cat being memorialized. In such cases, no personalization is necessary, however the pet parent could place the cat's color around the neck of the urn, or their favorite toy nearby, to add an unmistakable touch to the piece.

Other types of cat vessel options, such as those featured in the custom pet urns, can be designed to capture the animal's spirit in a direct or abstract manner. These cat urns can be found made of many different types of materials such as metal, cultured materials, or even pieces of ceramic clay. The variety in these pet urns is amazing enough that there is certainly something available to capture every cat's personality for Pet Photo Urns are a wonderful way to display the treasured pictures of a catthe ages. Whether the cat urn be oblong, circular, or even square, it can certainly be designed in a manner that is playfully whimsical or stoically serious; whatever charming traits your beloved feline friend exhibits, you will certainly be able to find a ready-made cat urn that capture them for the ages and share your cat's loving spirit with your family for generations to come.

Many pet cremation urns can be customized to include an all-important feature of any cat lover's memories of a pet: photographs. Photo pet urns are usually intended for pets of all kinds, but they are certainly ideal to help portray the complex nature of any feline companion. A good number of either of the previously mentioned models of cat urns are specifically intended to display your favorite family pictures that include your pet. For example, the "Always My Kitty" pet urns feature a sculptural bronze of a little girl or boy hugging their favorite companion, and a small frame on the front that will hold a precious picture of the cat. Some of these photo urn models even feature digital screens on which dozens (or even hundreds) of photographs can be stored. Others have specific spaces in which a well-protected photo can be displayed for the ages. Still others are available with customized features that allow a favorite photo to be engraved or baked into the cat urn.

Most cat urns are intended to be displayed permanently in a family's home, but many of the cat urns available today are also quite suitable for burial. Many families have found that a great way to memorialize their pet is with keepsake cat urns. These smaller-than-normal pieces are perfect for storing and displaying just a portion of remains allowing the rest of the ashes to be scattered or buried elsewhere. Keepsake urns also are a great tool for family members who live in far flung places to share their beloved cat's remains. No matter what your choice in cat urn, there is definitely a model and style available to assure that family members never forget that, without a doubt, their beloved friend is waiting for them in heaven.

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