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Ordering Ceramic Memorial Pictures

Guidance on How to Order a Ceramic Picture for Grave Markers

When losing a loved one, many families feel that treasured mementos of the shared past, such as old ticket stubs, jewelry, and especially photos, bear an even greater importance. It is through these small remembrances that we bring treasured memories back to life, not only for us to enjoy, but to help ease the pain of losing a loved one. The happier moments shared will provide a geyser of comfort that will help carry us through the mourning period, and well after. Photos especially carry great significance, Ordering a Ceramic Pictureas they are literally pieces of the past that were, for a split second, frozen in time. Everything from a dazzling studio portrait to a photo that caught the loved one unaware brings a smile to the face, as we see those small yet distinctive features of them that we love and became accustomed to. This is perhaps why placing a permanent portrait on a memorial or on headstones can help not only further personalize the tribute, but also provide a way for the survivors to feel once again connected with the lost loved one. A beautiful ceramic portrait will bear the likeness of a loved one for anyone to enjoy, and the ceramic photos provided through ensure that future generations see the photo with the same clarity as the day it was placed.

Ordering a ceramic photo to further enhance a new or existing memorial is easier than one would think. Below are the steps to ordering ceramic memorial pictures from

Online Orders:

  • Select the size you need from our on-line chart. We suggest you measure the surface of where you intend install the picture, so you will know what size pictures will fit.
  • Choose the layout. Decide whether you want a horizontal or vertical design. Then review and select a shape for the ceramic that will adequately showcase the photo of your choice.
  • Make sure you have completed our on-line form and then proceed to "check-out" to pay for your order.
  • Please reply to your order confirmation with the photo of your choice attached. It is recommended that the photo be in a JPEG format with a resolution of at least 300 d.p.i. (dots per square inch).

Scanning Tips:
A ceramic photo will help create an unforgettable tribute to a loved oneEvery scanner sold in the market has a scanning window that appears when you want to scan a picture. This setting box that appears allows you to crop the photo as needed, as well as has settings for the resolution of the photo. To begin, place your photo of choice on the scanning bed and open the program through which you are scanning the image (for example, many use the standard Windows Paint program). The pop-up setting box will show up, through which you would select 'Preview', to see the scanning preview of the picture. Then, drag the dotted lines so they are around the edge of the photo to be scanned in. We usually see the best results from photos which are not previously cropped; In other words, it is recommended that the entire photo is scanned, and then provide us separate instructions on how you would like the photo cropped (i.e.: 'please crop so the image is of the woman with the glass only' or 'please crop so the background is not in view').
Note that the scanner is probably already set at 300 dpi before you scan. If not, this is the time to set the resolution at 300 dpi. This setting is very easy to find, and usually states 'Click to adjust quality of photo' or something similar. Once the preview and resolution of the photo are set, click scan. Once the photo is scanned in, save it as a JPEG format. You are now ready to email the photo to us for your order.

Mail-In Orders:

Many families who are not comfortable submitting the order online, or are having trouble with scanning the photos opt to mail in their order and photo, which is perfectly acceptable. To mail in an order, you would just print out the page with the ceramic portrait you like to order and send that in with your payment. The payment should either an enclosed (check or money order. Once the paperwork is done and the payment is enclosed, you can mail in the order along with the photo of your choice. While it is not mandatory, we often recommend sending in a clear, exact copy of the photo, as we are not able to control how the postal service handles the photo in transit. Any store or pharmacy with a photo center should be able to create a clear and exact copy of the photo. Rest assured that even copies are returned to families who mail in their photo. It is important to note that one to two weeks could be added to the time frame required to make the photo for mailed in orders. The additional time is the time it takes to receive the photo and order by mail.

Delivery of Picture:
The production of the memorial picture will take about 3-4 weeks (approximately 15-18 business days) from the time the order with the picture has been received and accepted; it will be mail with express mail to you once completed.

We at are proud to present our exquisite line of ceramic photos, and hope that they will help create an unforgetable remembrance of someone that was truly special. We are always happy to assist with any questions you may have, and all of our contact information is readiy available on our Help page.

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