Securing of Ceramic Pictures

A ceramic photo will add an unmatchable touch of personalization to any tribute

Many families find that adding a ceramic photo to a monument or memorial can bring a great deal of comfort for those who pay go to pay their respects to the lost individual. With the variety of options available, there are several ways a memorial portrait can be incorporated with virtually any new or existing tribute, to create a highly personalized remembrance of a loved one. The ceramic plates are a work of modern technology, which ensure that the likeness depicted will last through the generations with the same exquisite clarity and details as the day it was installed. With the convenient tape backing offered with the cemetery memorial pictures available on our website, families can easily add the ceramic plate to any flat and polished surface. However, some customers sometimes wonder exactly how secure this adhesive is once applied to a headstone or grave marker. Here is some information about the company 3M, as well as they state about this very dependable product.

3M was founded in a small town in Minnesota, during the early 1920's, by five gentlemen who actually set out to start a new business of an entirely different nature. At first, the 3M company set out to mine minerals to be used in grinding wheel abrasives, but when that venture fell through, the company shifted it's attention to different possibilities. The company struggled at first, but quickly become lucrative with the introduction of several different innovations that virtually shaped the history of our country. The first major milestone actually had nothing to do with adhesives, and was a waterproof sandpaper, that helped reduce the amount of harmful dust particles that were prevalent with other sanding methods. The second, and possibly the most significant, was the invention of the masking tape, which eventually led to several other household items, through which the company gained its most notable success. That is not to say that this company only created products of the abrasive, and adhesive nature. In fact, in the early 1990's, 3M developed several immune response modifier pharmaceuticals, and in 2008, they introduced the first breathing mask that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by the general public. This was especially important during the influenza pandemic that was prevalent during this time. They have also greatly affected the progress of technology, as they have developed several key optical components that are standard in the cell phones and other electronic devices that are commonly used today. Since the early years, 3M has been not only producing, but practically revolutionizing different products that affect our everyday life. Some of the most famous branches of the company product several adhesive products, such as Scotch brand tape and Post It notes, but they also dabble in several cleaning products as well. Now the company is a multi-billion dollar industry that has received several awards throughout it's history.

While 3M offers several adhesives, there are some that are the most famous for their durability. The 3M adhesive that is supplied with the ceramic pictures is great for this specific use because it seals the gap between rounded and flat surfaces. It also resists solvents, liquids, U.V. and thermal expansion/contraction, making certain that its seal will last for the ages. While the tape alone will create a strong and durable seal, adding a small amount of silicone or plain caulking can help enforce it, and some say it also gives the ceramic plate a neat appearance.

Additionally, the 3M adhesive assures a beautiful memorial because it leaves no visual interruptions for screws, rivets, welding or any type of fastener. When purchased with the ceramic photo, a specialist places the pre-cut tape on the back of the ceramic, which ensures that the installation is not only easy, but results in an addition that is aesthetically pleasing as well. The adhesive consistently outperforms traditional fasteners in this vital area, which is how the ceramic plate appears on the memorial.

The 3M adhesive's all acrylic construction provides strength and durability in extreme applications. It bonds with high holding strength for static and dynamic loads. The adhesive resists stress, fatigue, vibration, heat, cold, temperature cycling, moisture, solvents and UV light. Unlike mechanical fasteners which concentrate stress, the 3M VHB tape provides a continuous bond, which distributes stress along the entire surface.

The 3M adhesive's foam is 100 percent closed cell; as it bonds it creates a durable shield. Liquids can be sealed in or out, and a protective barrier is formed which resists stress, and more importantly, fatigue.

An important property of the 3M tape is viscoelasticity. Visco- for viscous flow of 3M VHB into the micro structure of the substrates that are being bonded, and elasticity for the elastic nature of VHB tape. Viscoelastic materials have the unique ability for energy absorption and stress relaxation, both of which are important for dynamic strength and vibration damping.

Note 1: One of our representatives has been selling this product since 1999 and has never had a complaint about the ceramic plate falling off or becoming unattached from the memorial upon which it was placed.

Note 2: One of our representatives has this product installed on his grandparents grave marker since 2000 and it is still on the grave marker to this day. The grave marker is located in Germany, where all 4 seasons are experienced. The weather can from snow in the winter to 95 degree in the summer, which is mostly (very) rainy.

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