Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry can ease grief for many and holds a special meaning forever

Cremation jewelry is a relatively new arrival in the constantly evolving memorial products industry. Basically, cremation jewelry is a small pendant or charm that has an opening, through which you can place cremation ashes of a loved one. While cremation ashes is the most popular use for these special pendants, many, especially families who did not have a loved one cremated but still would like a keepsake to keep close at all times, place dried ceremonial flowers, hair, or even earth from the grave site in this jewelry. The possiblities are endless, and many even use these pendants to commemorate other special events, such as births or even weddings, but for our purpose, they are used to create a small memorial remembrance of a lost loved one. Many find that these ash holder charms are exactly what they need to help them cope with the loss of their loved one. In this day and age, in which more and more people are choosing cremation, having a piece of a beloved family member close at all times can be a great comfort, especially for many people who may otherwise be uncomfortable with the idea of cremation and the accompanying scattering of ashes.

The availablity of such special tributes is as much a comfort as it is a great example of what has happened in the memorial industry since the days when monopolies of funeral homes and cemeteries (many of which still do not offer cremation jewelry to their customers) have been largely broken: creativity and competition have made products like cremation jewelry available routinely and abundantly. Now, there are extensive options available to anyone who is interested in these elegant pendants and charms, and the options grow by day. Cremation jewelry comes in a large variety of styles and types that are usually broken down by categories, such as heart pendants, cross jewelry, and even nature cremation keepsakes, and people have been known to use it in a variety of ways (from flashy, public displays to privately hiding it beneath their clothing). Some even keep their special pendant displayed in a small jewelry dome, in their home, so that the pendant is always close, and always safe, and only worn on special occasions. While this is an option for most any piece of cremation jewelry, many of the designs this jewelry type offers are usually small and simple enough to be worn on any occasion, whether it be a special event, or simply as part of an everyday wardrobe. We would like to take a moment to mention that while this jewelry can be worn everyday, we do not recommend showering, bathing, or swimming with these peices, and because of their important contents, we usually don't recommend wearing them during physical activities in which the jewelry can be lost. Here is a summary of what anyone interested in the idea of cremation jewelry will probably find useful knowing.

Cremation Jewelry Types:

Cremation jewelry can be a great comfort both during and after the mourning periodCremation jewelry, or keepsake pendants, come in many different forms, almost as many as traditional jewelry, in fact. Cremation jewelry can be inexpensive -- many popular pieces sell for $25 or less, or it can be an elegant 24 karat gold piece that costs hundreds (or even thousands). There is, as with most everything else in the death care industry, truly something to perfectly memorialize every person and to satisfy every taste.

One of the most popular forms of cremation jewelry, also known as ash holders, came from a simple idea of screwing beautifully crafted pewter designs atop a small glass bottle in which a teaspoon or so of cremation ashes are stored. These pieces are inexpensive enough that many large families choose to buy relatively large quantities and distribute a loved one’s ashes to many different family and friends who live in a variety of locations across the globe.

But that is just the beginning of the types of cremation jewelry available. Small metal pendants that feature a discreet storage place for cremation ashes are yet another popular type. These pieces are typically available in sterling silver or gold (or a combination of the two) and in a large number of shapes and sizes. Smaller ones are often a quarter of an inch or less and will fit nicely underneath a person’s clothes so that no one else will have to know that a loved-one is always close at heart. Larger pendants will not necessarily make for a comfort fit beneath one’s clothes, but they do have a fashionable look that does not call attention to their contents. And, no matter whether one chooses a large or small pendant, these pieces of cremation jewelry are available in hundreds of different molds -- everything from butterflies to crosses to seashells -- and one is surely a perfect fit for memorializing your precious loved one for the ages.

Cremation Jewelry Uses:

Keepsake cremation jewelry has special sentiment for a lifetimeMost cremation jewelry is designed to be worn as a chain on a necklace the way most any pendant would be. But that is not necessarily the only option for use. Cremation jewelry can also be displayed in special containers such as glass domes that fit nicely in just about any interior decor. Many people use these domes as a more or less permanent storage place for their cremation jewelry pieces, only removing the pendants to wear on special occasions, such as at an annual memorial ceremony or some other special event. And still others arrange to store their cremation jewelry in glass domes without ever having intentions of wearing the pieces. The elegant, museum-like appearance of a glass dome display of a beautiful cremation jewelry piece creates a perfect complement to any memorial display.

And, finally, for many families, cremation jewelry pieces are a comforting alternative to the practice of scattering a loved-ones ashes. The relatively inexpensive glass pendants mentioned above have given more than one family the idea of “scattering” by virtue of simply sharing ashes with many friends and family. As one customer put it, “My father is now scattered across America thanks to us buying pendants for everyone in the family, but, even though he’s scattered, we can always know where to find him when we want to share the good news of our life.”

That unique, and special, feature of cremation jewelry is one big reason why the memorial trend is much more than a “trend;” It has become a tradition for many families. One of the big reasons being simply that the jewelry can be filled with any small memento, and kept close at all times. This is very comforting both during, and well after the mourning period, as it reminds us that no matter what, our loved one is alive and well in our hearts and memories.

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