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Filling Keepsake Jewelry

How to fill your Creamtion Jewelry Pendant

Customers who buy keepsake ash pendants often have questions about filling it with cremation ashes. The most important thing to keep in mind about this topic is that, if you need help, or simply feel uncomfortable filling your keepsake jewelry, the funeral home or crematory nearest your home can usually be of assistance. Filling keepsake pendants is an easy and quick task for most memorial industry professionals and many will assist you for very little charge, often none at all. But, that said, many people do elect to fill keepsake jewelry themselves and, for those people, the following guide can be useful.

How to Open your Jewelry:

Opening a pendant is pretty self explanitory once you receive itMemorial Cremation jewelry has two general methods of opening. Some pieces can be opened by using two fingers to twist open a small screw at the top of the piece. Others require a small screwdriver to remove a screw that fits flush with the surface of the piece (usually in the back or the bottom). In either case, the method for opening the jewelry is usually self explanatory once the piece is in hand. A few pieces have two compartments and, generally speaking, these compartments have two openings, each of which can be accessed in the same way. A few pieces are hinged on one of the sides and can be opened to reveal one or more hollow compartments in which the cremation ashes can be stored. These types of cremation jewelry pieces are relatively uncommon, however, and many people who buy them use them to store small items – such as pictures, locks of hair and even dried flowers – that might not fit inside a piece with an opening the size of a small screw.

How to Fill your Jewelry:

Most cremation jewelry can be filled with the help of a small funnel that is included with most orders. Simply hold the funnel to the opening on the jewelry, spoon a small portion of the ashes into the funnel, and use a toothpick to help guide all of the ashes into the opening. It is preferable to use a plastic spoon that can be discarded, along with the funnel and toothpick, after the jewelry has been filled.

How to Seal your Jewelry:

In most cases, the ash holder can be adequately sealed simply by tightly fastening the screw back into place. Many consumers want an even more permanent seal, however, and this can be easily done. Simply place a few drops of strong adhesive onto the screw just before fastening. Cremation Jewelry manufacturers will sometimes provide a tube of adhesive with the piece, but, if one is not included, any hardware store – or even a general purpose store – will probably have a sufficient product for a very low price. Again, an adhesive is not always necessary to secure a permanent seal. Many people elect to use it for their piece of mind. Applying an adhesive to the screw is particularly recommended if there is a chance the pendant might end up submerged in water at some point. (Long periods of intentional submersion – as if in a swimming pool or bathtub – are not recommended, but occasional exposure to rain should not be a problem for most pieces.) Urn necklaces offer a way to hold a treasured memento close at all times, and accordingly, should be cared for with respect to the contents, so we do not recommend wearing the pieces during strenuous activity where there is a chance the pendant can be lost (i.e.: a sport where there a lot of physical contact with others).

Here is a Simple Step Guide:

  1. Unscrew and then screw the pendant’s cap several times to test that the threads are clean.
  2. Place the uncapped pendant on a stable surface and put the enclosed funnel into the opening.
  3. Gather about a teaspoon of ashes onto a small spoon and pour the ashes into the funnel. Leave about 10 to 15 percent of the pendant unfilled.
  4. Remove the funnel and, with a toothpick, remove any stray ashes that are on the inside of the neck.
  5. (Optional) Place a drop of quick-adhesive glue (Super Glue) onto a toothpick and then quickly spread the glue onto the threads on the neck or cap of the pendant.
  6. Screw the cap tightly onto the pendant.
  7. If you glue the cap, allow sufficient drying time before wearing your pendant.

Important Note About Your Necklace Chain:

Some of our cremation jewelry models arrive with the chain unattached. When installing the chain, it is important to thread the pendant closure from side to side (not front to back). This will ensure that the pendant hangs properly when worn.

Caring For Your Pendant:

To maintain the integrity of the cap’s seal, do not place the pendant directly in water. To clean the pendant, simply wipe it occasionally with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning chemicals other than small amounts of soap on your pendant. Also, avoid wiping the silver portions of your pendant with paper towels. When not wearing your pendant, store it in a container of some sort that is placed in a cool, dry place. This will prevent tarnishing and scratching.

For those who wish to create a remembrance of a lost loved one, that can be taken along wherever life takes us, a piece of keepsake jewelry may be of great interest. These wonderful keepsakes will offer a way to hold the essence, or a remembrance, of the dearly departed, close to the heart at all times. This article offers information on the filling and care of a pendant. Our Cremation Jewelry FAQ page offers more information on the ordering process of this remarkable jewelry.

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