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Flag cases protect and preserve the memory of a true hero

Families have used flag cases for decades to display the American burial flag that each United States military veteran receives upon his or her death. It's interesting to note that no other country in the world has this tradition of honoring veterans with a national flag, which makes a burial flag all the more honorable, and valuable to those families who receive them. Because of the great sacrifice that a hero must make, and the privilege of awarding them the national flag, it goes without saying that a flag case must not only look presentable visually, but must also serve to preserve the treasured contents within. Flag cases come in a large variety of styles and finishes, and offers these cases with options that will help further preserve the memory of your loved one. The flag cases can even be purchased with a standard or burial flag, for families who also wish to honor their loved one in their home, but live in separate regions.

The engraved plaque can be adhered to the glass of the caseMost of the flag cases we offer come with a free plaque for engraving, so that the case and, accordingly, the flag, can be personalized, but more importantly, identified. Many of the flag cases feature thin or slim-line frames, meaning the actual wooden ledge may not be large enough to properly accommodate the engraved plaque. In cases like this, families often opt to place the plaque on the glass, such as in the example to the left, or may even place the engraved plaque on the back side of the frame. Although it is not visible from the front, the engraving plaque will help to identify who the flag honored in any case where it would be necessary, which comes in handy if the case is ever misplaced or stolen. The flag cases also all come with a free wall mounting kit, although wall mounting is just one option for displaying the case. Flag cases can also be placed on a wood pedestal, which is available in matching wood, or on a even on a metal stand, which is more popular when the flag is being displayed in a memorial service. Some of the flag cases are assembled with an additional shadow box case, in which medallion, coins, or any small momentoes can be placed. They can also come with an urn pedestal base, which the flag case would sit on top of, and which will contain a set of adult cremated ashes. In reality, there is as large a variety of flag case display accessories, as there is flag case options, and we also have a variety of accessories for displaying medals and other military mementos.

Besides being the perfect memorial to honor a true hero, flag cases are usually quite easy to care for, requiring only an occasional touch of furniture spray and glass cleaner, aside from occasional dusting. Flag cases are, in themselves, quite versitle and can be conveniently displayed in any home. Above all else, the most important feature of any flag display case is that it offers us a way to connect with the lost loved ones. Many American families make traditional annual visits to the grave sites of their family’s soldiers on Memorial Day and other patriotic or major holiday. With a flag case display always available in the home, these important visits do not necessarily have to wait. A flag display can help keep a beloved relative’s spirit always close by, even if their burial place is 100s of miles away. Even younger generations can feel connected to the heroes of times past, as the case not only preserves their name, but also the memory of their courageous and unselfish nature, and for many, the true significance of their greatest sacrifice.

Many of the flag cases we offer are manufactured in the United States, which gives them an even greater appeal. In this day in which many products sold in America are made elsewhere, it is perhaps comforting to know that these patriotic memorial products are made at home, virtually in our own backyard, and in the same country that the beloved veterans they help memorialize fought to protect. While many of the flag cases are made in the United States, there are a few that are made overseas, but even those are made with only one intention, which is to honor the memory of a true modern day hero. The option of where the case is made is more of a personal preference, and a one's decision should not be influenced by this if they found a case that they feel would properly personify their beloved. Almost all of the U.S. made flag cases feature the green engraved plaque, but for those that do not, there is no need to worry. There are a variety of engraving plaques available separately, to add the perfect final touch to any memorial.

Flag cases come in a variety of styles suitable for almost every memorial need, with different options so the case can be properly pay tribute to the person it memorializes. Some models are even chests, rather than cases, where the flag case is displayed in the open (in other words no glass cover over the flag).These pieces can be displayed either open or closed, and can even be further adorned with military medals and medallions and those who view the chests can take comfort in knowing that, at the heart of their display lies the strong, omnipresent, glorious American flag.

Other flag cases have a strong glass front, assuring that the central piece of the display – the flag – is always clearly present to the eye. These flag cases can also be adorned with medals and medallions and are typically displayed while closed, assuring that the flag stays secure and clean through the ages. Regardless of the style of the case, the main purpose should not be lost - which is to honor and preserve the memory of a true American hero.

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