Headstone Issues and Your Cemetery

A headstone is easy and quick to purchase in most cases

Often, we hear families are hesitant to look into purchasing a cemetery headstone or memorial grave marker online, because they are not sure of the ordering process, and are concerned that they will run into issues with the cemetery. We work very hard to keep the order process as simple as possible, and contact the cemetery before hand to ensure that there are no issues or complications in producing the marker. Below are a few things customers should consider about purchasing a marker online, our ordering process, and having the marker installed in the cemetery of their choice. Also included, which is worth noting, are a few questions that we recommend asking the cemetery prior to ordering the memorial monument. This saves families time in knowing what the basic regulations of the cemetery are, so they are aware of those specifications when selecting the different options for their memorial. (We will add tips to this list from time to time. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to include.)

  • Before your order for a headstone order can be placed, we need three crucial pieces of information from the cemetery:
    - Is there a certain size the headstone must be?
    - What color of bronze and/or granite is acceptable?
    - And finally, should the grave marker be bronze on granite or granite only?
    Other important questions to ask include the following:
    - What are your options in choosing a companion headstone?
    - Is a bronze vase that turns into a marker allowed on the headstone?
    - Are there any installation fees for the memorial?
  • While we do contact the cemetery to verify the marker will meet their rules and regulations, we recommend asking your cemetery the questions above before-hand, so you are aware of any special restrictions they may have when selecting the details of your marker order.
  • Some cemeteries require customers to complete a variety of forms before they will accept or give approval for a headstone. We will make every effort to complete these forms on your behalf, but in some cases that is impossible. We will help you as much as possible in making sure the correct forms are filled out correctly. We usually forward the forms to you for your information or signature either electronically or by standard mail, and are happy to help if you have any quesitons or need assistance reviewing the forms.
  • Some cemeteries require that you submit a drawing or layout of your gravestone. We are able to supply that to them if they request it. Upon receiving their approval for the marker, we would forward the same layout of the marker to you for your review. We do not proceed in making a marker until we have your final approval on the layout.
  • Cemeteries will typically install the grave marker for a fee, but, if yours does not, you can usually find an independent installer for hire in the area. In this case, we recommend that you contract an experienced monument installer to install your headstone. We do not currently have a list of monument installers, but this on-line directory may help:
  • Catholic cemeteries are all maintained by the Catholic Diocese, which has very strict rules (such as the requirement that headstones have a Christian symbol of some sort). We are familiar with these rules and will work with you, as much as possible, to make sure the cemetery accepts your headstone.
  • We cannot deliver headstones to rural cemeteries, and others that do not have business offices in which someone can sign for the delivery. We can deliver the headstone to another local business or to a freight company location. In this case, you would be responsible for delivering the headstone to the cemetery and for making sure the headstone meets the cemetery's requirements. If you plan to use this delivery option, we will ask you to sign and return a special form to our office. Shipping regulations prohibit us from sending headstones to residential addresses.
  • Cemeteries, regardless of what some proprietors may tell you, are required to accept headstones purchased from other companies (such as so long as those headstones conform to the their established policies. If you experience a problem along these lines, you should consider filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Purchasing a headstone online can certainly seem like a daunting task, but we would like to assure any family interested in this option that we truly work hard to make sure the process is as easy as possible. Our first step is to contact the cemetery to make sure the memorial ordered will abide by their regulations. Upon their approval, we forward the details of the marker or headstone to our skilled designers, so they may generate a layout of the memorial. That layout is forwarded to you by email, for your review and approval. Once we receive your approval of the layout, we send the marker into production. The memorial does not go into production without your approval of the layout, to help ensure that all the necessary requirements have been met. Once the marker is produced, it is shipped directly to the cemetery, or other specified recipient. We strive to meet any requests, so long as they are possible, to help create a beautifully touching tribute to a loved one, that honors their memory and celebrates their life well lived.

We certainly welcome anyone with any additonal questions to please contact us, all of our contact information is listed on our Help page. We are always happy to help answer any memorial questions or provide any assistance.

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