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Marble Statues

A Modern Twist on an Age Old Form of Art

Marble is obtained in blocks from natural quarriesSince the very beginning our our history, man has always utilized stone to craft figures or items that are of significant importance. From the Paleolithic Venus of of Willendorf, to the Hellenistic works produced in the fourth century, sculpture has been a very important way for man to express their thoughts, ideals, beliefs, and now provides a valuable link to the past ways of living. Marble sculpture became most sought after during and after the Hellenistic period, when the technique was refined and the pieces produced featured exquisite detailing. Famous sculptors such as Michelangelo and Bernini brought fourth works of incredible complexity, which helped make marble sculpture all the more desirable. With that said, it is interesting to note that while marble yields sculptures that can feature beautiful colors and textures, not to mention refined details, artists from days past could not easily make a living off of this lifestyle. One of the main reasons why is because marble is quite difficult to work with, and requires hours upon hours to cut down and refine. On average, a single sculptor could produce about one marble sculpture per year, which obviously would not bring in the amount of revenue to keep the homestead afloat. Not only that, one mistake could cause the entire piece to go to waste, which made it difficult to employ assistants to help in the work.

Marble is an igneous stone that is the metamorphic result of limestone. The stone is formed deep within the earth, as a result of the heat and pressure, and the higher quality the stone, the less striations, or markings, it will feature. Marble is removed from the earth, or quarried, in whole blocks from areas that naturally yield the stone called quarries, such as in the image to the right. Natural marble is a great deal more durable than the softer limestone, and actually hardens more over time, making it all the more ideal for works of art. While that is so, it is also susceptible to staining, especially when handled (due to the natural oils present in skin) and can be easily and quickly damaged by certain elements, such as acid rain. Because of this issue, bonded marble statues are more prevalent in today's market than their natural predecessors.

Our marble statues are available in a number of both classic and modern designs, and come to you direct from Italy. Our Italian manufacturer is one of the finest producers of bonded marble statues. These pieces are truly created by master artisans who specialize in the art of sculpture. The detailing of each marble statue is magnificent, as they are made from hand-crafted replicas. Our Italian marble statues offer the same classic look of original master works, but provide a longer lasting resilience against the elements. The designs featured range from statues of religious figures to beautiful angelic sculptures, and many more. These beautiful statues are perfect to add a touch of elegance to any location, such as a garden, park, church, or can even be placed at a grave site to help create an unforgettable memorial to a lost loved one.

Where Are They Manufactured

These bonded marble statues are crafted in the heart of Italy by master artisansAll marble statues are made in Carrara, Italy, whose marble quarries have been in use for at least 2000 years. The first evidence that the quarries were used comes from the Roman period, and historians say the quarries began running at a peak during the imperial age, when demand for the famous Carrara rose tremendously. Today, about a million tons of marble is quarried in Carrara each year, and the Carrara Italian foundry is one of the largest in the world. Carrara marble is formed in the city's legendary mountains and is considered the finest available for sculptors. Art legends such as Donatello, Michelangelo and Canova have traveled to Carrara over the centuries to personally select their stone for their works. The famous Statue of David, on display in Florence, Italy, is just one of the legendary works that have been made from Carrara marble.

How Bonded Marble Statues Are Made

Because of the natural susceptibility that is seen in marble stone, bonded marble was created. Bonded marble is made by grinding marble to a fine powder and mixing it with a resin composite, which creates a material that has the same elegant look of marble, with an even more durable disposition. Our marble statues are crafted from a composite of natural Italian Carrara marble powder that is mixed with the resin solution. Before the solution is utilized however, the artist must hand-sculpt the replica or statue. First an armature is made, usually from metal piping and wire, which provides the basic shape and form for the figure. Once the armature is done, it is covered with a wax-based clay, which the sculptor then works with, to bring life to the form. This type of clay allows the artisan to sculpt over a longer period of time, as the clay does not dry out, which certainly helps to capture the most detail possible. Once the was sculpture is complete, a mold is made of the piece, and the resin mixture is then poured into that mold. The resin solution enhances the marble powder and makes the statue stronger, and superior to natural marble alone. Once the poured resin is hardened, the piece is removed from the mold and cleaned up, removing any evidence that it was produced from a mold and not sculpted directly from the stone, by hand. Once the statue is cleaned, a special UV coat is applied to protect the color of the resin. That is the basic process of how these amazing statues are crafted; the marble statues FAQ page offers more information on the actual ordering process and delivery of these incredible works of art.

Cleaning of Bonded Marble Statues

As mentioned before, bonded marble offers more resilience to the elements, meaning that it will not need actual maintenance, other than the occasional cleaning, if desired. Some individuals prefer to let the elements work their magic on the sculpture, giving it an old world charm, however many also prefer to keep the pristine appearance that it first arrives with. Luckily, keeping the marble statue in clean requires no more work than a standard piece of furniture. To clean your marble statue we recommend removing any dust or debris with a soft brush, which will usually be sufficient. For areas that have been soiled significantly, say with muddy water, a mild solution of soap and water, along with the soft brush can help. Any aggressive cleaners are not good for the statue as they can strip the UV coat, which is applied for protection of the surface of the piece.

We are bringing you a beautiful collection of bonded marble, as well as other types of statues. These elegant pieces will bring a touch of sophistication to any setting, and will withstand the elements for many years to come.

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