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Bronze Plaques on our Memorial Rock

Bronze Plaques

Creating a memorial for a loved one is a very personal affair that many families are often a little wary of facing. It is understandable that one could have concerns, as it is difficult to sum up a lifetimes worth of memories, and a character that is completely unique, onto a few lines that will be cast in bronze for all eternity. The permanence of the information alone can make this task all the more daunting. This fear is easily appeased however, once families actually delve into the process of creating the final remembrance. Often, families may gather to discuss what they wish to see on the plaque, and depending on the individuals interests and personality, the options to create a beautiful memorial are virtually endless.

First, some basic information regarding the bronze plaques that are placed on the elegant memorial rocks. Bronze is a metal that is composed of different metal alloys, such as tin, copper, and lead, as well as other types of metals for which the amounts are miniscule. The result is a beautiful metal that features a warm, brilliant color. Bronze is ideal for memorialization as it can be cast into literally any shape or design, but for this purpose, we limit the options to a selection of sizes of flush plaques. The written text depicted on the bronze plaque is not engraved or etched by any means, but instead cast, along with the general shape of the overall plaque. This makes the letters more durable, crisp, and resilient to the elements. The plaque is oxidized, to create a beautiful contrast between what is considered the 'background', which is any recessed part that does not feature text or design, and the raised information and design, which is polished to reveal the natural, warm color of the bronze. When the plaque is added to the memorial rock, it creates a beautifully rustic effect that is perfect to capture the beauty of our natural surroundings, and the memory of any and all who enjoyed it.

The memorial rocks include a handsome 7 1/2" (W) x 3.5" (H) bronze plaque. This plaque accommodates up to five lines of text, for which the character limit is usually around 35 - 45 words, depending on the words (words with more letters that are wide, such as 'm' or 'w' will utilize more room than words with smaller letters, such as 'i' or 'f'). While the standard size of the plaque limits the text, families interested in the large rocks have the option of a larger plaque for an additional price. The larger plaque can be determined by sending the written information that one is interested in having on the plaque, and our design experts, from there, can determine what size plaque is appropriate the accommodate that amount of text. The price is determined by the size of the plaque needed. While the plaques can be created in different sizes, it is important to note that not all of the memorial rocks can accommodate the larger plaques. (Note: See the Large Memorial Rocks section for memorial stones which are ideal for larger plaques).

While larger plaques are available, that is not to say that one needs to compose a lengthy verse to properly memorialize a loved one. In fact, it is not even necessary that all lines on the standard sized plaque be used, if  one prefers to have less text appear on the plaque. There are those individuals that are minimalists, for which a simple verse or line, such as "Beloved Husband and Father" or "You will never be forgotten", would the most appropriate tribute. Another idea to utilize the plaque for Veterans is to place their military information, such as rank or class, on the plaque, along with their basic information. This particular use of the plaque can create an exquisite and elegantly simple tribute that will ideally capture the character of a loved one that was in the military.

As these memorial stones have the option to hold a set, or two, of cremation ashes, the name and date information is appropriate to place on the plaque, but for those who are adding an additional line or two, please remember that the name and date information do count as lines on the plaque as well. In other words, if the plaque has five lines of text, but a family would like to place the name and date information on separate lines, that would leave three lines available for additional text. Still not sure what to place on the memorial rock? Our memorial rock epitaphs article has a great number of ideas for verses or short poems that are appropriate to place on the bronze plaques of these rustic tributes.

For those interested in utilizing as much space as possible on the plaque, please be aware of the maximum number of characters per line (each letter, number, space and punctuation is a character that should be counted in this per-line total). Remember the more characters and words on each line, the more the individual characters and available number of lines must be reduced in size to fit the final layout. However, for those that are not sure if their information is to lengthy to fit on the plaque, your are always welcome to email us the information you are interested in placing on the memorial, and we will be happy to confirm whether or not that information will fit on the bronze plaque. Families who know what they want on the plaque, but want to be sure that the information appears just as they request, a proof is emailed for their review and approval, for every memorial stone order. The plaque actually does not go into production until we receive the family's approval of the proof generated.

As an example, if the first two lines of text are a person's name and date of birth-death, they will usually be in larger letters which will reduce the number of lines and amount of space for additional text. The samples below depict how the name and date information can appear in correlation to the written text on the plaque.

Our Samples:











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