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Memorial Trees


Nature is the sole provider of life as we know it. In a world where the majority of the populace prefers to be indoors, out of the direct elements and in the comforts of modern technology, we often forget this one key fact. Everything that we have today is thanks to the resources that nature provided us in the early years of our history, and everything we do now, even if we feel or believe it or not, has an effect on the environment. Whether it be dropping a soda can in a ditch, or cutting down a forest of trees, the collective outcomes of the stress we put on our natural surroundings can certainly be devastating. For this reason, among many others, artificial replicas of natural monuments can provide an environmentally friendly way of commemorating life events that we find truly noteworthy. One of the these modern wonders that is gaining popularity rapidly is the memorial tree.

The detail seen in these memorial trees is truly impressiveMemorial trees give families a unique alternative to creating a beautiful tribute or final remembrance in a way that ties us back with, and blends into, our natural surroundings. Just like the popular memorial garden rocks, these trees are made of high quality, cast materials that not only withstand the elements, but even look more realistic over time. While they are very durable, the comparatively light weight allows the memorial trees to be shipped via FedEx Ground, right to your doorstep, and are carefully packaged using an industrial foam-in-place packaging system, for maximum protection. They are fashioned to look like tree trunks, complete with the rugged exterior bark and the interior ringed bark, and even come with a complimentary bronze plaque, which is recessed into the surface of the memorial. The bronze plaque holds cast text, and will be the perfect final touch to an impressive tribute, but the feature that, perhaps, sets these memorials apart from the rest is that they are equipped with an optional cremation compartment. The memorial chamber is attached to the underside of the tree, and made of durable PVC material that is moisture proof, to keep the precious contents within from being affected by the elements. The compartment for the ashes can even be extended to accommodate two full sets of cremated remains. The cremation feature available with these memorial trees give families a new and exciting alternative to traditional urns or columbariums. These functional memorial trees truly create attractive landscape accents, and are especially popular with families who want a more natural, or even spiritual, way of memorializing their loved one.

Color Choices

Since the molds for our memorial trees are replicated from actual trees found in nature, our customers expect that the color processes we use produce the realism of our castings as well. Their demand for quality is certainly met by skilled craftsmen who enhance the cast stone with permanent natural shades, using a proprietary coloring technique that requires no special maintenance in the future. In fact, our customers should be pleased to learn the colors of the memorial trees will actually appear more lifelike over the years with the helpful effects of the natural elements such as the sun, snow and rain. The bark of the tree is colored to perfection, and is available in two wonderfully rich tones, which are grey and red-brown bark.

Durability of Garden Memorial Trees

Our memorial trees are manufactured to last for decades in extreme temperatures, just as normal, or natural rocks, would. They are expertly crafted from a minimum of 1" thick, reinforced concrete (GFRC), which helps ensure that the memorial will practically defy time and the elements. These trees can withstand intense pressures, up to 9,000 pounds per square inch (p.s.i.). The models are hollow inside but still have an impressive weight, giving them the stalwart nature of a true monument, with the ability to relocate the piece in the future if necessary. These memorials usually weight between 40-70 pounds, and are replicas of real trees which can weigh up to 200 pounds. The Free Bronze Plaque is made in an age-old casting and is an elegant compliment to the trees. The memorial rock bronze plaques article provides more information on the plaques that help turn these monuments into unforgettable memorials.

Creating a Memorial Tree

A Memorial tree can offer a beautiful and naturalistic final remembrance or tributeAs mentioned above, all memorial trees include a complimentary cast-bronze plaque.  This beautiful plaque comes in the standard size of 7 1/2" (W) x 5" (H), and can feature up to 5 lines of text. Each line can accommodate roughly 43 characters, and are typically personalized with a name, date of birth-death, and short, special verse or quote. For those that are not sure what to place on the tree, the memorial rock epitaphs can provide a beautiful option, or help inspire ideas for the perfect verse.

While many families prefer to take advantage of all of the personalization space, its not necessary that all lines be used if one would prefer to have less text appear on the plaque. It is important to note that the maximum number of characters per line include letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks, and each space or character should be counted in this per-line total. Also keep in mind that the more characters and words on each line, the more the individual characters and available number of lines must be reduced in size to accommodate all of the information. While this is all true, the designer will still try to accommodate the information so that it appears presentable, and appropriate in regards to the context of what is supplied by the family.

For example, if the first line of text is a person's name, it will usually appear in larger-size letters, so that information stands out from the rest of the text. However, because the name is larger to stand out, it will cause a reduction in the size of the text that features the dates and other written information, such as the memorial verse.

Each memorial tree can be ordered with the 250-cubic-inch, moisture-resistant internal urn for cremated remains. The thick, industrial-grade polyvinyl chloride urn and threaded cap is accessed from under each model, and opened and closed by hand so the cremated remains or keepsakes can easily be placed inside. The compartment usually must be recessed into the ground, especially with the flatter memorials, and the piece will come complete with written instructions to help further simplify the installation. The concept of the memorial tree is much like its counterpart, the Cremation Rock, both of which make for an earthy and unforgettable tribute.

Memorial trees not only offer a new alternative to creating unforgettable final remembrances of lost loved ones, they also honor our environment as no trees are harmed to create these beautiful monuments.

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