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What you Need to know about Caskets

Are Caskets and Coffins at the Funeral Home your only Choice?

Caskets are, first and foremost, always a high quality, dependable purchase. But they are also a great value. Caskets meet the highest memorial industry standards and they can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars than caskets from other sources. To help you get make the best choice in buying caskets we hope you will keep the following in mind:

It’s unfortunate, but, on occasion, operators of some funeral homes may illegally attempt to convince you that you are required to purchase their caskets rather than the – typically less expensive casket. Because of this, the Federal Trade Commission has strict laws governing the relationship funeral homes have with customers who choose to buy their caskets from other dealers, including caskets. Here are a few of the more important rules that you should keep in mind: Funeral homes may not refuse to accept any casket from us or another dealer. Funeral homes may not charge for a handling fee for caskets purchased elsewhere. In fact, they may not even ask to see a receipt for the sale of the casket (this is so they will not have unfair pricing advantages over competitors). Funeral homes may not require families to sign disclaimers or otherwise waive any legal rights in regard to caskets purchased elsewhere. And, finally, they may not make slanderous statements about buying a casket from another dealer.

You can trust that, when you buy caskets from us, you are getting only the best quality available.  We have been in business since 2002 and are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Throughout the site, you can see the numerous testimonials from customers who have purchased caskets over the years. All caskets are guaranteed: if your order arrives damaged, we will replace it for FREE.

Caskets all come with the reliable, friendly, convenient, and compassionate customer service that has made us an industry success. You can pay for your casket by using our secure web server at the time you place your order, or you can mail us a personal check.

Caskets are almost as varied as the people they are intended for. Below is information about extensive new line:
Caskets are available in all of the traditional casket materials:  wood, metal and semi-metal.  Caskets & Coffins can also be made in various sizes for adults, children and infants. All caskets and coffins are used for two main purposes. They will likely either be buried (directly in the ground or in a burial vault) or they will be cremated. Both purposes require different needs: burial caskets are typically made from strong material designed to last for years, and cremation caskets are typically made of wood, an inexpensive, combustible material.

Choosing a casket is probably on of the most important, and for many, most difficult part of planning a funeral or memorial service. Caskets come in a wide variety of styles and colors with many customizable adornments, and their uses are just as varied as their looks. Depending on one's culture caskets are buried directly in the ground, placed in a burial vault, or even cremated along with a body. Some more eccentric souls, such as actress Sarah Bernhardt, have even been known to sleep in caskets. Caskets are a loved-one's final, eternal home, and, therefore, care should be taken so that selecting a casket is not done hastily – or by just one or two people in a family. We have recently added an extensive selection of caskets to its line of funeral products to help with this. We have made every effort to make our collection one of the largest available on-line, and we invite your family to use the wonders of the Internet to share in the selection of your loved-one's caskets -- no matter how scattered your family may be.

Casket Materials:

Caskets are available in just about any style and type a family can conceive. Custom-made caskets are a growing trend, but, for those who do not wish (or cannot afford) to hire an artist for something like that, an amazing variety ofcasket choices are available for delivery in as little as one or two days to almost any city. These beautiful pieces are typically made from either metal or wood and are adorned with the most elegant of designs. Wooden caskets are often designed to recall the comforting look of luxurious hardwood furniture, and metal caskets can be painted to match just about anyone’s personality: dignified shades of brown and gray are a perfect tribute to a studious life, and playful shades of red and blue can be a wonderful tribute to a whismical spirit.

Even for those who appreciate the simple, natural look that was about the only choice in the days when “coffins,” plenty of modern caskets are available that should prove suitable. Simple biodegradable, wooden coffins are still a popular choice today, and the memorial industry has found ways to make sure they are polished and otherwise adorned with elegant carvings, so that, even the simplest, least expensive casket on today’s market is sure to exude a fitting amount of honor and dignity for any funeral service. Moreover, biodegradable caskets are wonderful for green burials, as well as cremations.

We offer caskets made of the following materials

  1. Wood Caskets
  2. Metal Caskets
  3. Semi Metal Caskets
  4. Biodegradable Caskets

Casket Sizes:

Choosing an appropriate size for a casket is key to assuring a dignified rest for any loved one, and, fortunately, today’s caskets are available in a huge variety of sizes. The thought of the death of a child is painful, to say the least, but  the thought of a small child lying swallowed up in a huge casket intended for an adult can only add to the pain caused by the premature death. Likewise, the thought of a large body barely squeezing into a casket brings up everything but images of indignity and honor.

So, the memorial industry today is ready with caskets in a variety of sizes. Many designs are available in sizes intended for children or infants, and, of course, they are also available in oversized models. In some cases, even, manufacturers have designed caskets that are specifically suited for a certain size.

We offer Caskets made in these Sizes:

  1. Adult Caskets
  2. Children Caskets
  3. Infant Caskets
  4. Oversized Caskets 

Casket Purposes:

Caskets are used for two main purposes. They will likely either be interred (directly in the ground or in a burial vault) or they will be cremated. Both purposes require different needs: burial caskets are typically made from strong material designed to last for years. Cremation caskets are typically made of wood, an inexpensive, combustible material.

One of the most intriguing facts about caskets is the term itself. “Casket” came to popular use in the early 20th century when undertakers across Western Europe and the United States began looking for ways to add dignity and honor to funeral proceedings. Instead of the simple and traditional wooden coffin that had been the center piece of funerals for nearly a millennium, the undertakers began to develop more elaborate burial containers made from finely crafted hard wood and designed to bring a spirit of great dignity to a funeral. One European customer noted that these pieces looked like large versions of a typical jewelry casket -- in which families stored their precious jewels. And the term “burial casket” took root across the world. 
The word “caskets” has gone on to become synonymous with the terms honor and dignity, and today the term usually no longer needs to be proceeded by the word “burial.” Caskets are now the traditional means by which families store their precious family memories.
Interesting Casket Facts:

Here are some Facts the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) has ruled on to protect the customer:

  1. No Funeral Home can charge a handling fee when a casket is ordered anywhere else.
  2. The Funeral Home cannot refuse a casket from another company.
  3. The Funeral Home cannot ask for a receipt of the casket purchased somewhere else.
  4. Require the family to sign a disclaimer or waiver.
  5. The Funeral Home cannot withdraw a discount offer when the family chooses to purchase a casket somewhere else.
  6. The Funeral Home cannot make any slanderous statements concerning purchasing a casket anywhere else. All those can be reported to the FTC and can result in fines of up to $10,000 for the funeral home.

Shipping of Caskets:

Caskets can be delivered to just about any location in the United States in as little as one or two days. (Standard ground delivery will usually require up to 5 business days, but expedited shipping -- for an extra fee --  can have the casket arriving much sooner). In most cases, caskets are delivered directly to a funeral home that is arranging memorial services, and the home will seamlessly transfer the deceased into the casket. In cases in which a funeral home is not directly handling a service, a casket can be shipped to just about any business address in the continental United States. Customers may elect to have a casket delivered to such an address and then deliver it themselves to where the deceased will be transferred into it. In general, customers can take comfort in knowing that, in todays world of high speed communication and efficient shipping services, a casket can be ordered from just about any locale and be delivered without hassle in time for their memorial service.

Freqently Asked Question about Caskets:

How heavy are the caskets?
The weight of our casket ranges from approximately 100 - 300 pounds.  The specific weight of the casket depends on the material used; wood caskets, steel caskets, cremation caskets, child caskets and semi steel caskets.

Will the funeral home accept the casket?
The funeral home has to accept the casket by law. The FTC has created the funeral rule for this purpose, all funeral homes have to accept caskets from outside dealers.

Why is the casket so much cheaper from
The main reason is you are cutting out the middle person and purchasing the casket directly from a supplier.

How is the quality of the casket compared to a funeral home?
The quality is the same as in a funeral home. The same caskets are sold to funeral homes direct.
Can I send the casket to a different country?
Yes, you can. We do not ship them out of the country but we can send them to a freight carrier; who would export the casket out of the country for you (we have done this before, it works well).

Can I change the inside lining or color of the casket?
We are sorry, but the caskets are ready to ship and can not be changed on the inside.

How long does it take for regular ground delivery?
Regular Ground delivery comes with UPS or FedEx and takes about 3-6 business days. Unfortunately, a precise delivery day or time cannot be guaranteed for this service. 

Can I send the casket with 2nd day or overnight delivery?
Yes, you can. There is an extra fee to express delivery, which you can select directly when ordering and the order needs to be received by 12.00PM Central Standard Time.

Should I let the funeral home know there is a casket coming?
Yes, we recommend you contacting the funeral home once you have ordered the casket and informing them that you have a casket shipped directly to them.

Can I ship the casket before the person has deceased?
Yes, you can. The funeral home does not have to accept the casket though because they do not have to store the casket for you. Please contact us before sending the casket if it is a pre-need casket.

Can I ship the casket to my house?
Yes, you can.

Is the wood casket from hardwood?
Yes, the wood caskets are from poplar hard wood.

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