6 Ideas for Personalizing a Pet Memorial

The most common yet effective way to memorialize is to get a pet memorial stone. However, you can also opt for various other pet memorials such as a photo plaque, keepsake box, photo canvas art, pet memorial stake, memorial ornament, and so on.

Besides, you can opt for a plaque or headstone, too. In case your pet has been cremated, you may want to but a pet urn that reflects your beloved companion’s personality.

To make your pet tribute more special and meaningful though, you can think of creative ideas to personalize it. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Cat urn

  1. Customize your pet’s memorial with an adorable photo of your furry companion. This is perhaps the best way to remember your pet by as it shall remind you of the joyful moments you spent with your buddy.

    To make this idea work, you can either include a photo frame on the memorial, depending on the type and size of the memorial you have. In case the object is pretty small, like a cube, keychain, pendant, tag, etc., you may consider getting a laser etched photo on it.

  2. If you are thinking of personalizing a pet headstone or plaque, then you may get a kiln fired ceramic picture of your special companion placed on the stone.

    High quality ceramic pictures are made of 100% finest porcelain ceramic. Hence, they are not likely to fade or deteriorate. You can place it on the stone either by adding metal pins on the back or by adding an adhesive backing to it.

  3. You can also get beautifully carved artwork incorporated on the memorial. Including an engraved paw print or dog bone, for example is the most common way of customizing a pet memorial. You may consider other carved designs as well.
  4. To make your beloved companion’s memorial more thoughtful and meaningful, you may personalize it by adding your pet’s name tag, favorite toy, or some other interesting object on the memorial stone or plaque.
  5. Getting a nice epitaph engraved on the memorial, too is a great idea to honor a deceased pet, whether it is a cat, dog, bird, rabbit, ferret, etc.

    You can either use famous quotes and saying, or compose a short poem or epitaph yourself. In case you have a good sense of humor, you can think of a funny or witty inscription.

    If you want to keep it simple though, you can use inscriptions like, “Rescued into our hearts,” “Thanks for the memories,” “Best friend,” “In memory of a faithful friend and companion,” “I cam, I purred, I conquered,” and so on.

  6. Another interesting way to memorialize your beloved pet is to purchase a pet urn in the shape of your pet. For instance, you can find pet figurine urns featuring different breeds of animals, particularly dogs and cats.

    Shih tzu cremation ash stone

    Besides, you can opt for a memorial ash memorial stone prepared from the cremated remains of your beloved pet. When you will place the order for this unique memorial, the company shall send you a cremation ash collection kit in which you would be required to send the ashes of your pet.

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