6 Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog

Dealing with the loss of your cherished animal companion is as difficult and painful as the loss of a member of the family. Thus, most pet parents look for thoughtful and meaningful memorial ideas to honor the memories of their beloved pets.

Pet owners, especially the ones who have children at home memorialize their furry companions in a meaningful way to help the children cope with the loss in a healthy way as it is likely to be their first encounter with the phenomenon of death.

“You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, “Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!””
~ Dave Barry


6 Great Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

  1. Plant a memorial tree or bush in your garden as a living memorial for your faithful companion. Consider putting the cremated remains of your pal in a potted plant and placing it under your favorite tree.
  2. Another constructive way to honor your furry companion is to make a donation to your local dog shelter or a veterinary hospital in your beloved doggy’s name.
  3. Express your feelings and emotions by writing a letter to your pal. Besides, you can encourage children to compose a poem or an epitaph and read it in your dog’s memorial service, if you are going to organize one. Otherwise, you can get the composition carved on your dog’s headstone or grave marker. Kids can also draw a picture of the dog or write a story about him/her.
  4. Create a fabulous memorial by keeping your cherished dog’s belongings like the dog collar, pet tag, toys, etc. in a memorial box. You may create a photo collage as well.
  5. Choose a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry such as a dog pendant, bracelet, keychain, etc. and store a small portion of your pet’s ashes in it. This way, you can keep your beloved pet close to you all the time. In case your pet has buried and not cremated, you can still opt for this memorial and store some fur or a small amount of mud taken from the place of burial.
  6. There is another unique special way by which you can memorialize your doggy. It involves creating a clay paw print that can be either be framed or made into a charm for a memorial ornament, necklace, or bracelet. You can also add decorations like holes and heart stamps in these clay impressions. Similarly, you can get pet ceramic pictures that can be placed on the grave markers or headstones attached with metal pins or adhesive backing.

Apart from these memorials, you can memorialize your beloved doggy traditionally by storing his/her ashes in a nice pet cremation urn or placing a beautiful grave marker on the grave site.

As for the urns, you can choose from a variety of cremation urns prepared from different materials. Moreover, you can get a dog figurine urn featuring the dog’s breed.

Besides, charming photo memorials and wind chimes are also quite comforting. People often opt for cute and adorable keepsake rocks and garden stepping stones, too. These keepsake stones mostly have meaningful quotes inscribed on them.

Furthermore, you may light a pet meorial candle for furry angel as it symbolizes live and hope. In addition, it greatly helps in healing process.

There is a Monday night candle ceremmony that has increasing become a popular practice for remembering the furry companions. Those who cannot light the memorial andle physically can consider lighting a virtual candle though specific memorial sites at offer this service.

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