8 Unique Memorial Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Commemorate the life of a deceased loved one in a fitting way by choosing the perfect memorial. Though it cannot bring your loved one back in this realm but it can greatly help you pay a tribute and honor the precious memories of the departed soul.

In addition to paying respects to the deceased, it will also contribute to the grieving process in a positive way.

Here are some unique ideas to help memorialize a loved one.


  1. If your family does not have a reunion then you may consider planning it and making it an annual affair as a way to pay a tribute to your deceased loved one. In fact, it is a nice way to honor and remember all the family members who are now in God’s care. You can also include a candle lighting ceremony as a part of the family reunion activities.
  2. Create a memorial webpage to honor the life of the departed loved one as it works as an enduring and broad-reaching tribute. You can easily share the deceased’s photos and other memories through this medium and also encourage others to participate through comments and other features.
  3. In case the virtual field does not interest you then consider writing a book. Just open your heart out and put down your special memories and experiences with the deceased loved one in this book. You can also include photos, mementos, etc. and also encourage others to share their stories through this medium. Finally, choose a self publishing company to assist you in self-publishing your book.
  4. Naming a star after a loved one is another unique way to memorialize someone special. However, be aware of fraudulent star naming registries.
  5. When organizing a memorial service, you can incorporate ideas like creating a memorial table, memorial board or memorial tree to display cards, photographs, etc. Also, encourage the attendees to write their special memories and display them too.


  6. Another unique way to memorialize a loved one is to hire an artist to paint a mural on a wall in your house. To make it meaningful, opt for colors and designs reflecting the deceased’s personality and preferences.
  7. In case the deceased was loved to support charities then perhaps the best way to bring peace to the departed soul is to set up a fund or charity in his or her name for a meaningful cause (such as animal rescue, child welfare, some medical condition, etc.) through a community foundation. This way, your loved one’s name and interests can live on through the charity you create. If you cannot start a charity then simply make a donation in the name of the deceased.
  8. Another interesting yet useful idea is to get a park bench at a park, garden, or a side walk and have the name of your departed loved one inscribed on a plaque the back of the seat. If you are unable to purchase a memorial bench yourself then you can simply sponsor a bench in a park through a memorial bench program.

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