An Overview on Pet Memorial Art

All pet owners will surely agree that our pets soon become an integral part of our families because of the unconditional love they shower on us.

Thus, families mourning the loss of a beloved pet tend to look for suitable options for their furry companion’s funeral and memorialization.

As pets are cute and lovely, most pet memorials feature their pictures, thereby giving the family members the opportunity to relive the beautiful moments they enjoyed with their beloved pets.

Aqua Yellow Pet Cremation Ashes Tile

Moreover, those with a creative bent of mind may prefer memorial art. It is a great way to remember your pet by and bring comfort to you. When going for this option, you can either choose to have pet cremation ash paintings or tiles.

Both are wonderful and innovative ideas. As these alternatives involve the use of cremated remains, they are particularly appealing to those who wish to store at least a small amount of their pet’s ashes in a unique way.

The paintings are available as beautiful paintings on canvas to create a wonderful visual memory of your furry friend. They work as a thoughtful and meaningful memorial as the artist includes a small portion of your beloved pet’s ashes in order to create a custom work of art that shall be a family heirloom forever.

This keepsake memorial comes in different sizes, along with a certificate of authenticity. Plus, the paintings come in modern black satin frames. So, they are ready to hang as soon as they are received. They are usually delivered within two to four weeks.

Coming to pet memorial cremation ashes tiles, they are meant to encapsulate your cherished friend’s cremated remains in the artistic memorial at the back of the tiles.

The tiles are made of dichroic glass or “dichro”. Basically, it features several micro-layers of metals or oxides. Thus, it displays a wide variety of colors.

You can also order it along with a gorgeous black satin frame on which you can showcase this lovely memorial. The frame comes with an engraved plaque, allowing up to two lines of engraving.

The black frame for this memorial tile features a hook on the back so that it can be mounted easily. Plus, you can accent it further with an optional yet elegant black iron easel.

This stunning and eye-catching memorial can hold about a quarter teaspoon of the ashes of your furry companion. In case you are placing the order for the tile alone, the ashes can either be hidden or visible, depending on your choice.

Apart from creating and purchasing pet memorial art, you can also attend a memorial art workshop. It has been observed that artistic activities help reduce stress and ease the pain of losing a loved one.

It gives vent to your inner emotions and feelings. Thus, those who are too attached to their pets can definitely consider this option to facilitate healing.

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