Are Memorial Services Important?

Death is the ultimate truth and there is no way to escape death. During our lifetime, we come across so many people who are no more with us. When we think about a dead person the memories of that person comes back including his memorial service. In simply terms, memorial service is a commemorative service of worship held for the family members, friends and well wishers in the honor of a dead person after the funeral or cremation is over.


During a memorial service, the soul of the deceased is given honor and respect through words and prayers. However, on and often considering the expenses associated with a memorial service people wonder as ‘Is it really important to held a memorial service?’ Well, the expenses part can be managed in order to organize a memorial service. It does not need to be a very elaborate or lavish one. A simple small informal gathering at the beach or a simple service at your local church or community hall can be enough to organize a memorable and meaningful event in the memory of the deceased. It is hugely up to the family members of the deceased to choose the order style of memorial service they want and what will suit their budget.

Well, a memorial service is regarded as a social event that emphasizes and acknowledges the life and the importance of the lost one and hence it is important to plan for one whenever there is a death in your family.

Importance of memorial service:

Honors the deceased: It offers a safe place for family members, friends and well wishers to honor the deceased. It is a perfect opportunity for family members, friends and well wishers of the deceased to come together and celebrate his or her life. During this emotional service, people remember and share stories associated with the deceased, talk about the character and mourn about the huge loss in their life.

Shows life’s reality: Here people who attend a memorial service also come to terms with the reality of death, and family members can adjust to the stressful time in a better way and say their final goodbyes to the deceased in a very respectful manner.

Spiritual aspect: A memorial services also highlights the importance of spirituality and make people realize that material things have no value and no matter how rich you are it is impossible for you to buy life.

Helps to grief: Family members whose emotions are held up find it free to cry and come out of their grief during the memorial service of the deceased. It also helps family member to get prepared to start a new life where no role will be played by the deceased.

Offers emotion support: It helps the family members of the deceased to draw emotional support from those present at the service and help them to cope up with one of the most difficult experiences of their life.

Highlights the value of life: It is believed that every life has value and makes a contribution to the world, be it small or big. A memorial service justifies this statement where people come and remember the deceased and share their emotions and feeling with others who are present there.

So, memorial service reflects the many unique aspects of the dead person’s life and character. You can plan for the memorial service when the dead body is present, along with the burial or cremation process or after a few days. However, it is better to organize a memorial service after the cremation or burial process is over. This way people can have control over their grief, accept the sudden loss in their life and can think in a much better way.

To sum up, a memorial service is the best way to close the chapter of a person’s life and it is a great way to socially acknowledge death.

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