Detailed Info of Various Types of Headstones

A headstone, also popular by the name of gravestone and tombstone is a permanent marker used in the memory of a beloved person. It is usually carved in a beautiful design from different types of stones. It is placed near the site of a burial in a cemetery or elsewhere.


A gravestone is a way to show your gratitude to the death person. A very new trend in the US is to include the names of relatives to a single gravestone over the years. This way a clear picture of family tree is formed where all the name of the members who have passed way over the decades are included in a single gravestone.

The basic information on the headstone that one can use is the name of the dead person, the date of birth and death of that person. A framed photograph or cameo of the deceased; photographic images or artwork can also be engraved onto the headstones. Genealogists and local historians use this information in their research works.

As to get a plot of land in your local cemetery ground or in the churchyard costs money, headstones are also a symbol of your financial status in the community. It is usually up to you whether you want to an elaborate or simple one. You can find headstones made out of different materials, such as fieldstones, granite, iron, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and white bronze, wood and so on.

Some of the popular types of headstones are:

Upright or Block:

The main features of this type of headstones are tall, thick and wide with rounded tops. Made out of various materials such as concrete or marble, the sizes of these headstones are normally two feet high and two feet across. They come in many different shapes and designs.

Flat or Ground Level:

These are usually flat in shape and are placed a couple of inches above the ground. Usually they do not have much information on them with just the name of the deceased and the date of death.


These are tall gravestones with square bases and a long middle piece called a shaft. The obelisk points upward toward the sky and the top part usually have a decoration such as a statue, pyramid or ball. Their height can range from very short to more than 90 inches.


These are tall, wide and very thick in design and can be straight or curved or have a fancy design. Usually having a curved top, these are about 28 inches high.


With a scroll like design, this type of headstones mostly uses an open design. The scroll can be single or more that usually sits on a block. The inscriptions are never used on the scroll. It is usually made on the body of the gravestone.


Made of marble, these gravestones are usually around two feet tall, but are not very thick. The design of this type of headstone shows a pointed arch at the top. Even two arches are also used at times to design them.


Similar to an obelisk, these headstones are more pillar-like. Divided into three parts, these gravestones have a base, a shaft, and a capital, or top. On the top, a ball or urn is usually there.

Bi-Columnar or Gateway:

With two columns that connect to make an arch, these gravestones can be anywhere from 2 feet to 20 feet tall. The columns and the arch are known as ‘the Portal to Eternity’. They are commonly used for husband and wife graves.

Cross Vault:

These are designed with a square base with tapers going upward. The top part looks like the top of a church or a house.

To conclude, it is usually up to you whether you want to an elaborate or simple one. But, no matter what type of headstone you want to purchase for your dear ones, you can always have them personalized.

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