Have a Close Look at Cremation Advantages!

Saying final good bye after the death of a person is very difficult for family members and close friends. While mourning for the deceased, there is one important question that strikes the mind, ‘What type of arrangements needs to be done for the last rites?’ Two options for available – cremation and burial. Both these options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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When we look at the figures, the cremation rate in the United States is on a rise. According to the Cremation Association of North America the national average cremation rate was just 3.56% in the year 1960. This rate has increased to a whopping 40.62% as of 2010. The Cremation Association of North America has also made an estimation that the rate will increase to 44.42% in 2015 and by the year 2025 it will reach to 55.65%. Now the question is, ‘why cremation is getting popular in the United States?’ Well, cremation has got many benefits due to which more and more people are opting for cremation as compared to burial.

Some of the benefits of cremation are:

More Economical:

When compared to the expenses associated with burial, cremation is much cheaper and economical. For burial, there are many things you need such as an expensive casket, some kind of headstone, a plot of land, charges of the graveyard, minister’s fees, flowers and so on. All this can cost something around $3000 and above. But when it comes to cremation, the total cost will be less than $2000. In cremation you need to pay a small fee for the cremation process and a cremation urn to keep the ashes of the deceased.

No need of casket:

During cremation, funeral takes place before the death body is taken to a crematorium. Here the dead body is put in the cremation chamber where it is exposed to extreme heat. There is no need of a container or a casket. So during the funeral, you can order a casket on rent which will not cost you much. But for burial, you need to invest in a good quality casket which will cost you at least $1000. Also it is mandatory to decorate the casket with flowers.

Saves Land:

With the growing population, there is huge demand for land. Lands can be used for making industries, institutions, hospitals and so on for the betterment of the society. But if burial takes place more and more vacant lands will turn into graveyards where dead people lie down in durable caskets. So, where the living people will go? If cremation is done not a single inch of land is required. After the cremation is over you can always store the ashes of the deceased in a beautiful cremation urn and keep it with your forever.

Good for environment:

From environment point of view, cremation is much better as compared to burial. The caskets used for burial are not good for the environment. With cremation no waste is left inside the ground. Also the deceased body is exposed to extreme heat until no trace is left behind that can cause harm to the environment. In a way cremation also saves the precious trees which were earlier cut down to make caskets. With global warming and increasing land population cremation always looks like a better option.


It is a true fact that simplicity rules and when it comes to facing a death no body wishes to go into elaborate funeral proceedings. Those who belief in simplicity opt for cremation over burial as the whole process of cremation is very simple. When a person dies, it is a great loss for the family members as well as friends and closed ones. During this time people are often overwhelmed with grief and do not wish to indulge in decisions like which casket to buy, what flowers to order and so on.


Cremation is a very quick and clean way to dispose a dead body. Also the idea of the dead body rotting deep inside the ground after burial is very uncomfortable for many. With cremation you can always keep the memories of the deceased person alive. The ashes that are provided by the crematorium can be kept in a cremation urn at your home. You can carry the ashes to some of the favorite places of the deceased and spread it on the air and land there.

Well, looking at the above mentioned benefits it becomes clear that cremation is a far better option as compared to burial. But before making a final decision, the request of the deceased if any should be always honored.

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