How To Air Travel With A Cremation Urn?

There are certain tips and suggestions that can be useful when you are traveling, especially air traveling while carrying a cremation urn.

For instance, when choosing an urn to store cremation remains for traveling, it is suggested to avoid the ones made of metal, ceramic, and stone.

These materials are not likely to successfully pass through the security checkpoint X-ray machines because they cannot be scanned.

Thus, it would be more time-consuming as the Transport Security Administration (TSA) agent is not allowed to open and check through the contents of non scan-able items out of respect for the deceased and family, even if you request the screener to do so.

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Therefore, traveling with non scan-able cremation urns can be quite inconvenient in spite of having relevant documentation from the funeral home. In addition, it will undergo testing for explosive devices or materials through a number of techniques.

Hence, it is suggested to carry cremation ashes in containers that are prepared from light weight materials such as plastic, cardboard, cloth, and transparent glass, that can be X-rayed successfully.

Moreover, you can consider getting a wooden or a non-lead lined ceramic cremation urn. Plus, biodegradable and silk cremation urns with durable inner containers are quite popular in this regard.

In fact, it is suggested to get two cremation urns while transporting the cremation remains a loved one securely.

You can store the ashes in a temporary scan-able container while traveling and then transfer its contents into a nice ceramic, granite, metal, or other similar urn after reaching the destination. The urns can be sealed temporarily or permanently.

You can find inexpensive airline safe temporary travel cremation urns online or from the funeral home itself. While purchasing the urn, make sure it meets the TSA requirements for air transportation.

Plus, you can simply pack the unused permanent or keepsake urn in the baggage itself. If you already have the cremation remains in a non scan-able container, you can remove the inner plastic bag from the urn and send both the items separately for security screening.

While carrying cremation remains in a flight, it is suggested that you inform the airport officers handling the baggage that you are traveling with the ashes of a deceased so that they are handled with respect and are not inspected individually.

This is particularly important if you are sending the cremation ashes unaccompanied as cargo. In fact, it is best to check with the airline beforehand. Moreover, consult with a licensed funeral director about any local laws that you need to consider.

You may also include the urn as a part of your carry-on luggage if it successfully passes through the screening procedures.

In case the urn is non scan-able, though, you may not be allowed to carry it with you. At times, this serves as the only feasible option as some airlines do not permit cremation remains in checked in baggage.

Besides, it is better to call up your airline in advance in order to double-check on their specific requirements about carrying cremation remains.

Needless to say, if you are going to travel with a cremation urn then you should reach the airport early to allow sufficient time for security screening.

Moreover, make sure you have cremation certificate or receipt with you to avoid trouble. In case you choose to ship the cremation remains, you can do this using the US Postal Service, too, via express mail through the registered mail option along with return receipt request.

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