How To Memorialize A Beloved Pet?

The importance of a pet in a house is no less than that of a family member. As Anatole France puts it, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

The most popular way of memorializing a deceased pet is to have a memorial item to remember the pet by. Moreover, a memorial can also help provide comfort to the owner.

To make the memorial more special, you can personalize it with a personal message, inspiring quote, or a lovely photo of the pet.

Pet memorial

When choosing a memorial product in memory of your beloved pet, you may consider getting a pet cremation urn, cremation jewelry, memorial stone, pet grave marker, a personalized set of wind chimes, etc., depending on the way your dispose of your furry companion’s body.

If you are buying a pet urn, it is suggested that you keep its size into consideration. Cremation urns for pets are usually available in different sizes. Thus, determine the size you are going to need.

There is a rule of thumb that when a body is incinerated, each pound of the animal’s weight reduces into one cubic inch of ash.

So, the size of the urn you need depends upon your pet’s weight. You may ask the crematorium about an estimated amount of cubic inches of the cremated remains you are likely to get after cremation.

Plus, there are various types of pet urns to choose from. For instance, you can purchase a pet keepsake urn, pet ceramic urn, marble urn, glass urn, metal urn, cultured pet urn, cat figurine urn, dog figurine urn, rabbit urn, horse urn, etc.

Those who are concerned about the environment can get a biodegradable urn that can be buried in ground or dispersed in water.

Memorial jewelry for pets is another fantastic way to memorialize a pet. It is available in the form of pet memorial pendants, keepsake pendants, ash necklaces, bracelet, ring, keychain, and so on. You can store a small portion of your pet’s cremated remains, a lock of hair, etc. in it.

In case you have buried your beloved pet then you can purchase a pet headstone or grave marker. In addition, whether you opt for burial or cremation, you can get a pet keepsake rock, pet memorial stone, or tree and place it in an outdoor setting.

Creating a stepping stone in your garden is another interesting idea. Memorial rocks and stones can also be displayed indoors. Furthermore, you can select a sculpted pet memorial, depending on the type of pet you had.

Besides, you may develop a photo tribute, record your pet’s life story in a journal, or hold a memorial service for your pet at a pet cemetery or your own backyard, create an online memorial tribute, or hold a candle-lighting ceremony.

Moreover, you can plant a memorial tree in your own garden or in a park, memorial garden, etc. in your pet’s memory.

You can make a donation in your pet’s name at an animal shelter organization, or offer a memorial scholarship at a veterinary school, too.

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