Is It Essential To Compare Funeral Home Prices?

With the death of a person, the family members and close friends need to work together and plan for a funeral immediately. During this time most of the people take help of funeral homes. It is true that funeral homes can help you to plan a great funeral service. But these services do not come for FREE. You need to pay a huge amount of money for all the services offered to you by a funeral home.


It is not at all a good idea to choose a funeral home without doing any research. You can save a lot of money when a proper funeral home is selected. But still most of us make the mistake of not doing a proper research and thus spend more money than required for planning a funeral.

Most often the death of a person causes emotional trauma. Also family members of the deceased are not in the state of mind to think logically. Their main concern at that time is to plan a funeral properly and for this they take the help of a funeral home. Funeral homes make all the arrangements related to a funeral and for that they charge some fees. It is important to bear in mind that the charges of funeral homes are high. This is why it becomes very essential to compare prices between funeral homes.

Most of us do not even try to look for two funeral homes and compare their prices. Well, there are the many reasons behind not comparing prices of funeral homes. Some of the reasons are:

  • Most of the people do not like to talk about death and even try to avoid such discussions.
  • Also a funeral needs to be planned within three to four days after the death of a person. This way there is always the question of time and so many things to do. The situation becomes burdensome when there is an unexpected death.
  • Also when you are given the responsibility of planning a funeral for the first time you do not have enough knowledge regarding which services are essential and which can be avoided. Lack of knowledge often makes people complete rely on the advices given by the funeral directors.
  • Also when it comes to showing your respect towards the deceased, everyone wants to do the best and thus do not think logically when making funeral arrangements.

Some interesting facts about funeral homes

  • The main motive of funeral homes is to make a profit if they really want to remain in business
  • Many funeral homes based in the US are owned by large global corporations
  • Selling more service to customers mean more profit for the funeral homes
  • Funeral directors can earn more from sales commissions
  • The prices for the same funeral service vary from one funeral home to another

So compare the prices properly to make a wise decision. When planning a funeral, try to talk to more than two funeral homes and get their General Price List (GPL). The GPL will give you a general view of the services and merchandise along with their prices offered by funeral homes. This will help you to compare the prices of the services and products offered by different funeral homes. Also, in case a funeral home is not ready to give their GPL, simply forget them and start looking for another one. According to the Federal Trade Commission, it is the duty of the funeral home to give their customers a General Price List whenever they ask for it.

Do not agree with whatever the funeral director suggests you. This can result in thousands of dollars in additional expenses. It is up to you regarding what type of services and products you want for the funeral. If the funeral home is not capable of fulfilling your needs, you can always look for another funeral home. Also you can always tell the funeral director that you are willing to purchase some of funeral goods from outside vendors. This can make the funeral director to offer of some kind of discount in order to retain business.

To conclude, for planning a funeral a little research and knowledge can make a huge difference. So, first locate a low-priced funeral home and then select reasonably priced goods and services and lastly do not be afraid to negotiate. This way you can make a wise decision and plan a funeral in a proper manner without making a hole in your pocket.

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