Keep Memories Alive With Cremation Urns

Cremation urns also popular by the name of funerary urns, cinerary urns and burial urns have been popularly used by generations. Cremation urns are used to keep the ashes of a dead person safely for years to come. The ashes are collected after the cremation of the dead body is done and then stored in the urn.

Pineapple urn

Cremation urns are mostly used by people who plan on keeping a small portion of the ashes of their beloved ones. Often it becomes the most treasured art pieces at home for the family memories as it keeps the memory of the dead person always remain fresh on their mind. An urn can be kept in a special place within a home, at a local church, garden area or at the cemetery. An urn can even be buried.

The most amazing part regarding cremation urns is the multitudes of designs in which they are available in the market. In the beginning, cremation urns were made in a vase like shapes with a top opening lid. The shape of the vase was usually narrow from the neck with a much wider base. But today, looking at the demand for cremation urns in the market, the manufacturers of cremation urns have come up with different types of cremations urns in different materials, designs, styles, shapes and colors. 

You will be simply amazed to witness the diversity in the designs in which cremation urns are made. There are many different designs of urns and they serve as the perfect remembrance to your loved one. Today in the market, you can find marble urns, bronze urns, wood urns, religious urns, metal urns, cloisonné urns, glass urns, crystal urns, ceramic urns, infant & children urns, keepsake urns, military & veteran urns, art urns, biodegradable urns, nature urns, sport urns, hobby urns, sculpted urns, urns for Airlines, urn vaults, medallion appliqués, easels and so on. Even for couples who wish to be together even after death, there is special companion urns where the ashes of two adults can be hold securely and safely.

Cremation urns are made from different kinds of materials, such as marble, granite, wood, glass, steel, bronze, crystal, eco-friendly materials and biodegradable materials such as paper. As far as size is concerned, a 200 cubic inches worth of free space is the average size for a cremation urn. However, you can also find urns having 170 – 350 cubic inches worth of free space to around 400 – 500 cubic inches worth of free space. Apart from this, there are also specially designed urns that can hold anywhere from a teaspoon to 50 cubic inches of ashes. Cremation urns are also available in any imaginable color scheme. For color, there are plenty of options for you to choose.

To conclude, when it comes to cremation urns, there is literally something that can satisfy different tastes and preferences of people. So, if you wish to have something that can hold the spirit of your loved one’s buying a cremation urn will surely solve your problem.

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