Memorial Ideas For Loss Of An Infant

“There is no foot so small that cannot leave an imprint on this earth.”

Dealing with the loss of your little angel is devastating. Nevertheless, you can cherish and honor the infant’s life and memories by organizing a wonderful memorial service and getting a memorial.

Having honored the child in a fitting way shall also help you feel better. You can use the memories as a source of happiness instead of letting those memories making you weak and stuck in a phase of life, which is no doubt a painful and life-changing experience.

Keepsake mini angel

Ideas for Memorializing an Infant

  • Include soothing and comforting songs, poems, or readings in the memorial service. Moreover, consider having a balloon release ceremony to honor the child.Hence, commemorate your baby with a meaningful service, depending on your creativity, circumstances, and religious and cultural beliefs. You may seek help from a priest or clergy member, too.
  • Plant a remembrance tree in your little angel’s honor and to symbolize the growth of the baby. It works as a great living memorial that is likely to give you courage and assurance.You can incorporate this idea even in cases of miscarriages and stillborn babies. Depending on your area and climatic conditions, you may plant a rose bush, oak, prunus serrula, redbug, bat willow, flowering Japanese cherries, crape myrtle, and so on.
  • Memorial products for infants mostly feature designs like a cherub, angel with infant, baby footprints, teddy bear, butterfly, dove, tear drop, etc.Thus, you can find several memorial sculptures, keepsakes, memorial gifts, clocks, plaques, garden memorials, and so on in attractive styles and beautiful designs all for the home and everyday use. If you have the cremated remains, you may buy a beautiful cremation urn that can be placed at your own home or in a Columbarium niche.
  • Opting for memorial jewelry is also a nice way to remember the child. You can look for pleasing and aesthetic cremation pendants, lockets, rings, bracelets, etc.You may wear either wear the jewelry or simply keep it as a memorial that you can keep with yourself at all times.
  • Getting an infant memorial photo frame is another popular memorial idea for infant loss.
  • Create a website or blog in memory of your child where you can write about your little angel and share your feelings. Besides, you may create a memory box and a photo collage.
  • Get the child’s hand/foot prints framed and keep this as a memorial.
  • In case you are looking for a memorial gift for a couple coping with the loss of an infant, consider gifting them a sound therapy healing CD.
  • At times, parents also prefer to get a memorial tattoo as a way to memorialize their little ones. These tattoos usually include short quotes like, “Tattoo Beautiful For Earth” or, “A Little Flower Lent Not Given, To Bud On Earth & Bloom In Heaven”.Memorial footprint tattoos, too, are quite popular. As you would want to see the tattoo when you want but would not want it to be always visible, you may have it on your foot, leg, or arm.
  • Make a donation to support an organizing working a field associated with your child’s death or establish a scholarship in the school he or she attended.

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