Memorialize Your Loved Ones with Cremation Art

You can honor a departed loved one in a unique way by opting for cremation art. This is a relatively new memorial concept that is soon gaining popularity, especially because more and more people are going for cremation nowadays.

Cremation art is created using a portion of the cremated remains. Furthermore, it can be personalized so as to reflect the personality of the deceased.

It is mostly available in the form of a piece of jewelry, sculpture, or even a painting in which a small amount of the cremated ashes have been worked into the paint.

Gray Embrace Memory Glass Keepsake

These oil paintings are created by international artists who have formal training in abstract art techniques. The artist can either use his or her own creative imagination and experience to create comforting scenes or use your specific ideas for this art work.

Some artists can even create a portrait inspired by a photograph of the deceased. The beautiful modern art shall create a family heirloom for generations. You can display this cremation art keepsake painting in a family room or a formal living room.

Besides, you can get a hand-blown glass art keepsake. These keepsakes allow you to see streaks and lines of ashes fused in the glass.

Plus there are colorful lines seen through crystal glass that enhance the appearance of this wonderful memorial.

Apart from glass art keepsake, cremation art made of glass can be in the form a memory glass pendant, cremation ash heart, bead ash suncatcher, cremation glass weight, or cremation touchstone.

Incorporating glass and ashes in a memorial is intriguing and fascinating because both are formed of natural elements.

Pendant tropical waters

In addition, you may select a cremation sculpture personally created by a skilled glass artist or glass master. Artists generally create glass blown pieces by rolling layers of hot glass in a sample of the cremated remains.

More often than not, cremation art requires up to two teaspoons of cremation ashes. When placing the order for cremation art, you need to send the required amount of ashes to the company.

So, make sure you read the instructions for sending the ashes carefully. The companies usually mail ash kits to the customers for this purpose.

Cremation art makes use of a variety of vibrant colors. Thus, it helps create a charming and comforting memorial to honor a loved one’s memories. You can even display this elegant, outstanding yet thoughtful artwork during the memorial service.

Furthermore, if you have chosen a cremation glass pendant, then you may use either use it as a keepsake memorial or wear it like cremation jewelry. You may even select an ash necklace for your pet.

When considering about memorializing your loved one with cremation art, yet interested in disposing of the cremated remains in water or at his or her favorite place, you can retain a small quantity of the ashes and scatter or bury the rest.

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