Now Buy Beautiful Paintings Made of Ashes

A brand new memorial concept that is gaining immense popularity in the memorial industry is paintings made of cremation ashes. This kind of painting will offer a lasting celebration of memories belonging to a departed soul. To make such a unique kind of memorial, highly experienced and qualified artists mix a small portion of the ashes belonging to the deceased into the colors and then do the painting.

As just a small portion of cremation ashes is generally required to create such a painting, the remaining ashes can be scattered, held in a beautiful cremation urn, buried, or used to make other kind of memorials.

Art in ashes

The subject matter for the painting can be chosen by the family members of the deceased. It can be a modern art piece, the portrait of the deceased, a landscape or anything else that highlights the personality of the deceased and gels well with the d├ęcor of your home. Those who are not able to choose the subject matter can opt for the pre-designed paintings. Most artists have a good collection of pre-designed paintings from where you need to choose one and then the artist will make certain changes in it and the painting will be ready.

Only the finest oil colors are used to create a piece of art so that it can last for years. At the same time you should bear in mind for a painting it takes a minimum of two to four weeks time in order to come up with a quality product. While doing the painting, the main aim of the artists is to capture the best qualities of a person and get it transferred into the painting. Once the painting is ready it will become an heirloom and a perfect tribute to the precious memories of your loved one. You can display the painting in a special place at your home or office in order to keep the spirit of the departed soul alive for many future generations to enjoy.

In addition to celebrating the life of a departed loved, these paintings give immense satisfaction to the family members of the deceased as the ashes are incorporated directly into the painting. At the same time, these paintings are true bereavement aides, meaning they ease the grieving process.

This kind of memorial is expensive and the cost of one painting can be over $550. Irrespective of the high price, it cannot be ignored that such a memorial is unique in nature and helps you to honor a departed soul in a very special manner.

In fact, this concept is not a new one as you can find similar kind of paintings at a history museum in Northern California. In this museum many paintings are stored which clearly indicates that people in the past also used this method to honor their dead family members and friends.

Along with painting; you can also use the cremation ashes to make diamonds, artificial coral reefs and so on. Irrespective of what you wish to do with the cremation ashes, it will always keep the memories of the departed soul alive for years to come.

To sum up, paintings made of cremation ashes offer a unique alternative to memorializing a loved one and it will be undoubtedly the most important item in your home.

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