Now Honor Military Veterans with Flag Cases

Flag cases also known as medallion display cases, medal cases, military flag cases, flag displays and shadowboxes are the perfect memorial to honor the life of a military veteran soul who has served the nation wholeheartedly. It can also be used to pay tribute to other uniformed service people such as firefighters or police.

Flag case

A flag case is basically used to display the flag that each United States military veteran receives upon his or her death. In fact, the United States is the only country in the world to practice this kind of tradition. The US Government gives about 600,000 flags annually to the family members of a military veteran upon his or her death. To preserve and display the American flag issued by the government family members of the deceased military veteran often buy a flag case.

In the market you can find flag cases in a wide variety of styles and finishes that represent true American craftsmanship. All the flag cases are designed to hold the standard Government Issue US flag which measures 5” x 9.5”. When displaying the US American flag inside a flag case, it is very important to fold the flag according to strict, historic traditions. Along with the US American Flag, you can also use a flag case to display treasured medals that the military veteran person have earned during his lifetime along with other items of memorabilia such as medallions, coins, photos, pins, citations, badges etc.

With the help of flag case, a beautiful memorial can be built in the home or office in the memory of a deceased military veteran.  Most of the flag cases are designed to set on a flat surface, but if you wish you can opt for other display options also. For instance, you can display a flag case on top of a matching pedestal, mount it on a wall with a hanging plaque or you can even put it on a tri-column metal stand. In most of flag cases, customization is possible. The flag cases are designed with engraved plaque where the deceased’s name, important dates and a service emblem can be inscribed. At the same time, you can also find some flag case designs in the market that also serve as cremation urn where you can store the cremation ashes belonging to the deceased.

Apart from using a flag case to preserve and display the American flag of a military veteran who has passed away, you can also purchase it with a flag to use as a patriotic or condolence gift. In recent years, flag cases are also used as promotional or corporate gifts by many companies.

To conclude, with a flag case, the US American flag received by the family members of the deceased military veteran gets a dignified and finished look. Also this is the best way to honor or commemorate the departed soul who has served the nation during his lifetime.

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