Scattering Cremated Remains In A Scattering Garden

Deciding how to dispose of the ashes of a deceased loved one is not easy. Nevertheless, you have several choices like interring the remains in a burial plot, placing the urn in a Columbarium, getting the ashes entombed within a mausoleum, keeping the cremation urn on mantle or shelf at your home itself, and so on.

Scattering the ashes also serves as an excellent way of memorializing a departed loved one. People usually prefer to scatter the cremated remains on private property, public city parks, rivers, beaches, scattering gardens, etc.

Angel cremation urns embrace

Respectfully dispersing the ashes of a loved one in a scattering garden is a new trend which is increasingly becoming popular.

These scattering gardens are usually created within cemeteries or graveyards in a designated area to be preserved for the purpose of remembrance.

Thus, it gives you the opportunity to hold a scattering ceremony on the dedicated land in the presence of a clergy.

Furthermore, you can have the deceased’s name inscribed on a memorial monument in the form of a plaque, bench, or sculpture built within the garden.

This way, you will also have a focal point for the family so that they can visit the place in the future as well, thereby contributing in the healing process. The procedure tends to cost about $100 to $500 or even more.

It is best to have the ceremony performed under the supervision of the cemetery staff. Moreover, it would depend upon the ground and weather conditions. You can ask your funeral director to help you find a suitable scattering garden for this purpose.

Scattering Ceremony

You can organize a scattering ceremony in the scattering garden for dispersing the remains as it helps bring a sense of closure.

Most cemeteries supply the essential items like a small table, flowers, urn, tent set-up, etc. required for the ceremony. They are likely to charge extra for these arrangements.

More often than not, the next of the kin scatters the ashes on the ground. The procedure usually involves the method of raking, in which, you pour the cremated remains evenly on loose soil and eventually, rake them a few inches into the soil, or under a layer of mulch at the end of the ceremony.

The friends and family members of the deceased can also participate in this process in turns for raking the ashes into the ground.

While scattering the ashes, though, make sure you keep the cremation urn close to the ground while pouring the ashes and keep the direction of wind in mind. Raking ensures faster integration of the remains in the soil. Moreover, it provides a better consistency.

If you are not disposing of the remains in a scattering garden, you can adopt other methods like green burial, casting, trenching, ringing, and water scattering. There are no laws or restrictions regarding the scattering of the cremated remains on public lands and beaches.

Nonetheless, you would need permission from the concerned authorities in case you are considering about scattering the cremated remains at a private property, National Park, sea, etc. Moreover, people are discouraged from scattering at ecologically sensitive areas.

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