Tips to Transfer Remains into a Cremation Urn

In recent years, in the US there is an increasing popularity in the practice of cremation as compared to burial. People have different reasons to choose cremation over burial. Some of the main benefits of cremation are cost effective, good for the environment, simple and quick process. At the same time, with cremation there are numerous options to deal with the cremains.

Urn for ashes 

After the cremation is over, the ashes belonging to the deceased are handed over to the family members of the deceased by the authorities working at the crematorium. Now it is up to the family members as what they want to do with the cremation ashes. Some of the options are the cremains can be buried in a cemetery plot marked by a headstone, storing the ashes in an attractive urn in order to display it at home, scattering of the ashes on a place that was significant to the deceased and so on. Well most people prefer to store the cremation ashes in a beautiful cremation urn as it is regarded as a great way to memorialize the life of the departed soul.

tMost of the times people are not very aware of the fact as how they can transfer the cremation ashes to an urn. There are many options to choose when it comes to transferring the remains from the temporary container to a permanent urn.

Some of the options are:

Do it on your own

If you are confident, you can transfer the remains from the temporary container to a cremation urn on your own. For this you need to first purchase a cremation urn of your choice. You can order it online or else buy one from the funeral home or the crematorium. Place the urn in a well lighted room and in an even place. Now simply open the temporary container provided to you by the crematorium and remove the plastic bag containing the cremains. Then handle the sealed plastic bag gently and place it into the permanent urn and close the opening properly. Finally use some glue to seal the opening for further security.

Take help from Funeral Home

In case you are not comfortable with handling the remains on your own, you can always take help from the funeral home or crematorium. The authorities working there will be more than happy to transfer the remains into a cremation urn provided by you. Here you can use the cremation urn of your choice, and the authorities cannot deny using it. According to the law, no funeral director can force you to purchase an urn from their funeral home only. At the same time there is nothing to worry about here as your loved ones ashes will be treated with the utmost respect.

Put the temporary contained inside an urn

Additionally, there are several cremation urns in the market which are designed to hold a temporary urn as it is. This means here you do not have to do anything. Simply put the entire temporary container holding the cremation ashes into the permanent urn chosen by you.

To conclude, once the cremation ashes are transferred to a permanent urn, it is time to select a place where you wish to keep it. When choosing a display location, make sure to decide upon a place where the urn will remain safe for years to come.

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