Useful Tips On How To Select A Funeral Home

Though you are not legally bound to let a funeral home plan and arrange your loved one’s funeral ceremony still, it is better to choose a funeral home to handle all the funeral arrangements when you are overwhelmed with grief and feel confused.

Given below are a few tips and suggestions that you need to consider while choosing a funeral home.

  • The funeral home should be recognized by a reputed authority like the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) or the state funeral service association.


    Funeral homes usually provide you with a licensed funeral director who can help you with the logistics surrounding death. More often than not, they also take care of all the paperwork like getting copies of the death certificate, writing an obituary, etc.

  • Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, or a clergy member close to the deceased to recommend a funeral home best suited for your needs.

    Plus, you can search for local funeral providers in Funeral Industry Directories and Yellow Pages. It is better to make a list of the funeral homes in your area and then choose the one that is best for the type of services you require.

    Most people would suggest you to go for a family-owned business that has been a part of the community for generations instead of the one owned by a corporate.

  • The Funeral Rule allows you to compare the prices of services offered by several funeral homes to help you with the decision.

    In fact, if asked, they are supposed to give you the General Price List stating the prices of the various services and merchandise they sell.

    Thus, you can inquire about the funeral services and cost, and then make the decision after consulting with the other members of the family.

    Furthermore, it is not essential to purchase the urns, caskets, and other funeral goods only from the funeral provider that is handling the arrangements.

  • Take the location of the funeral home or mortuary into consideration, especially if the funeral is to be held there itself. It should be convenient for you and your family members.

    Moreover, it is better to opt for a full service facility with visitation room, chapel, funeral program printing, reception facilities, parking, and so on. Determine if it has sufficient space to accommodate your needs.

    In case you are interested in direct cremation or direct burial then you can select a limited service provider. Needless to say, check beforehand whether the deceased had made any arrangements prior to the death or not.

  • Some people prefer to visit the funeral home to check if the environment is comfortable and meet funeral director who would be allotted to them before making the final decision to determine the quality of services and involvement they are likely to provide. The staff should also be courteous and helpful.

The importance of having a funeral is often stressed because it helps the bereaved family members mourn the loss, accept the reality of death, and recover with the support of their near and dear ones.

Thus, a good funeral home can provide adequate information and guide you through the process. Moreover, it can also help you choose appropriate options as per your cultural, economic, and spiritual needs.

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