What Is A Cremation Service?

Cremation service takes place when a funeral is followed by cremation. However, you can also arrange for a direct cremation service without having a funeral or memorial service.

Simply put, cremation is the process of subjecting a dead body to high temperatures (1600-2000 degrees Fahrenheit) to reduce it to bone fragments.

The cremated remains so obtained are then pulverized to a uniform powdery consistency. This irreversible process is carried out in a crematory within a crematorium.

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If requested, cremation service providers may also allow you to witness and even start the process by pressing the button. The process mostly takes about one to three hours depending on the weight and size of the deceased.

Before cremation though, you are required to follow certain rules and formalities associated with authorization. Plus, some states require a waiting period of at least 48 hours.

Unlike burial, it is not essential to get a body cremated in a casket. Embalming, too, is not required. The body can be incinerated in a simple alternative container or a corrugated cardboard box.

Nevertheless, if you want to honor the deceased loved one, you may buy a cremation casket made of combustible materials.

Besides, you can rent a lavish casket and then transfer the body in an alternative container after the funeral ceremony.

Funeral includes traditional services like reading, sermon, prayers, viewing of the body, and so on. Thus, it can be organized in a funeral home, church, chapel, or some other location of your choice. You can take help from non-profit funeral planning societies.

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Moreover, instead of having a funeral, you can arrange for a memorial service after cremation. As the body is cremated by this time, you can have a memorial service with the cremated ashes instead of body.

At times, people hold an urn graveside burial or funeral service followed by burial of the cremation remains in place of the body.

Cremation has been practiced since ancient times. In fact, in the ancient world, it was the most popular method of disposing of the dead. Thus, it is accepted in most religions, except Islam, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Judaism.

Besides, cremation is considered better than burial because it is a more environmentally responsive alternative as it helps conserve space. Moreover, it is a simple and cost effective process.

After cremation service, you also have the choice of scattering the cremated remains on land, air, water, interring them at a burial plot, or placing the ashes in a Columbarium or Mausoleum.

Furthermore, you may consider storing the ashes in a cremation urn, and displaying it on a mantle at your home. In addition, family members can share the ashes by diving them among themselves and keep them in keepsake urns for memorialization.

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