Why Is Cremation Jewelry Gaining Popularity?

Cremation jewelry allows you to keep a portion of ashes, that is, a tangible part of a departed loved one close to your heart. This is a relatively new concept.

Nevertheless, it is gaining immense popularity nowadays because it offers an elegant, unique and convenient way to memorialize the deceased.

People usually store some ashes or cremated remains of their loved ones in memorial jewelry. It can be in the form of cremation pendants, photo pendants, cross keepsakes, memory necklace, cremation lockets, cremation rings, cremation cufflinks, and so on.

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o’er-wrought heart and bids it break.”
– William Shakespeare (Macbeth)

Heart Hand Print Sterling Silver Keepsake

Memorial jewelry can be used to boost spiritual confidence and healing. Moreover, keepsake pendants and memorials help soothe and calm you after an unbearable loss.

You can choose a suitable design that can encourage you to remember the beautiful moments that you shared together instead of feeling the pain of separation.

Thus, look for articles like print keepsakes, cremation rosary, memory keepsakes, key chain keepsakes, pendant displays, cross keepsakes, etc. In addition, you can personalize the jewelry by getting your loved one’s name engraved on it.

As for the materials, you can choose to adorn funeral jewelry with various gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, onyx, opal, emeralds, amethyst, pearls, and sapphire.

Plus, you may select memorial jewelry in wood, glass, crystal, brass, pewter, stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum, titanium, or some other fanciful materials.

If you do not have any particular design in mind then consider selecting something from the designs already available and buy the one that touches your heart.

Some of the most common styles are, horse shoe, baby booty, musical note, tear drop, praying hands, dice, flip-flop, motorcycle, teddy bear, Buddha, hand print, and remembrance ribbon.

Besides, when interested in jewelry designs that are religious in nature, consider buying funeral jewelry in the form of pagan jewelry, cross, wings of angels, angel cherub, guardian angel, Stars of David, Hindu tokens, etc.

Nature inspired jewelry in the form of crescent moon, tree of life, acorn, maple leaf, blooming rose, seashell, or some emblem like rose bud, is also a preferred choice these days.

Getting a laser etched photo keepsake in rectangular, oval, cylindrical, circular, or heart shape is another popular idea.

Men can opt for wrist band bracelets, too. Furthermore, you can buy or gift a sterling silver Celtic ring as a kind gesture to comfort someone who is mourning.

Cremation jewelry can also be used as memorials for pets. For instance, you can get cat medallions, dog bones, bird pendants, horse chains, flying dove, butterfly, rabbit, swan, starfish, whale, seahorse, turtle, lizard, dolphin, eagle cremation jewelry, and so on.

Memorial lockets or pendants are meant to hold a minute portion of ashes of the deceased after cremation. In case someone has been buried, you can keep a pinch of the earth from the burial ground in memorial jewelry of your choice.

Moreover, you can store cremation remains of a departed loved one such as a lock of hair, petal of a funeral flower, piece, tiny piece of cloth, etc. in the jewelry. Having a piece of cremation jewelry with you is likely to make you feel more comfortable and ease the pain in times of grief.

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