Why Memorials Are Important?

Death is something that no one wants to witness, but as it is a natural phenomenon you simply cannot avoid it. Deaths of people who are close to you or of someone else whom you know always bring pain. But instead of being emotional you need to handle the death of a person properly. According to Tyron Edwards, “Quiet and sincere sympathy is often the most welcome and efficient consolation to the afflicted”

Stone memorials 

To show your love and sympathy towards the death person, memorials can be quite useful. The word ‘memorial’ derives from the Latin ‘memos’ which literally means ‘mindful’. Thus, with memorials the memories associated with the death person always remain with us in so many ways.

Memorials are an important part of every culture. They allow people to remember a deceased loved one or an important public figure. Memorials have existed in every culture for thousands of years. For examples the Taj Mahal, Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, and the Great Pyramids were created in the loving memory of great leaders and unforgotten heroes. It is only due to memorials that even today we are able to remember the people who were important in our lives, from Parents to Presidents and show our respect to them.

Also, cremation memorials are regarded as a bridge between the past and the future that link together generations. Memories of a person are precious and you can show to the world the value and importance of the person in your life with memorials. The place where a memorial in the name of a deceased are enacted become a permanent place where you can visit once in a while and show your meaningful tribute to the deceased who is still remembered by you.

According to psychologists, memorials help survivors to come out of the emotional shock in a fruitful manner. Dealing with death, loss and grief, is difficult for any person. Thus, by providing a permanent resting place for the deceased the survivors also get a place where they can go and show their respect to the deceased.

A memorial made in the honor of some person also serves as an everlasting tribute to a life well lived and life worth remembering. It is a representation of that person and how they lived; it is a final gift.

Memorials also serve as a permanent record for future generations and genealogy. Memorials allow family, friends and the community to know about their past generation.
Cemeteries offer the opportunity for you to set your memorials in stone or bronze for future generations, satisfying an immediate need and preserving our heritage. When memorials are placed in the cremation ground, you can feel the presence of the deceases. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on buying memorials. You can buy a modest or an extravagant one depending upon your budget and preferences.

To conclude, death comes knocking on every door, and you are left with no choice but to mourn silently while life passes away. But now you can give your loved ones the privilege of being honored and remembered for generations to come with memorials.

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