Cat Memorial Ideas

Cats have been delivering unlimited joy to people all around the world for decades, whether it is for being cunning, their lovely sense of mischief, or their unwavering (but somewhat disobedient) loyalty. A day with cats around is never boring. They have an exciting combination of curiosity, playfulness, independence, and cuddliness. As time passes, you find they have evolved into your closest friends and, even more so, into family.

Cat Memorial Ideas

But nothing lasts forever. So a time comes when you have to wave goodbye to your cherished companion, which is why many people feel the need to memorialize their cat’s significant role in their lives.

In addition to serving as a gentle reminder of the special times shared with your beloved cat, memorializing a pet can help you through the mourning process. Here are some creative pet memorial ideas to remember your furry friend.

1. Cat memorial stone

You can display memorial stones for your cat inside your home or yard. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These memorial stones could just bear your cat’s name or be engraved with a picture, the dates of their birth and death, and a quote.

Cat memorial stone

You can keep the memorial stone on a shelf with pictures of the cat nearby or place it in the garden where the pet enjoyed spending time.

You can also use the memorial stone as a headstone if you decide to bury your cat friend’s ashes.

2. Memorial tattoos

Some cat owners choose the more personal approach of preserving their cat’s memory by getting tattoos honoring them. It’s one of the most popular options for memorializing cats, especially if you already enjoy being inked.

Memorial tattoos

Tattoos can last for a very long time, if not forever, and countless design options exist.

You can easily find talented ink painters that can capture your cat’s traits on your arm or any part of your body. Some tattoo parlors can also incorporate some of your cat’s ashes into the tattoo ink they will apply to your skin. The knowledge that you always have a part of your cat with you is something truly exceptional and comforting.

3. Plant something to honor your cat’s memory.

Welcoming a new life into our world is an excellent way to celebrate nature’s cycle and process the death of a loved one. An excellent ritual to unite a family is to plant a tree in memory of your pet. If you have kids who adored your pet, consider letting them each plant a tree or plant in honor of your cat.

If you bury your pet’s remains in your backyard, you might even plant a tree there in the belief that the tree will benefit from the ashes. Also, consider purchasing biodegradable urns that include pine tree seeds so a tree can sprout from your pet’s ashes after you bury them.

Some services allow you to have a memorial tree planted in a U.S. National Forest in honor of your pet if you don’t have a backyard of your own.

4. Pet memorial jewelry.

Another excellent cat memorial idea for you to remember the pet forever is jewelery made in memory of your cat. If you’ve cremated your pet, you can take a portion of their ashes from their urn and give them to skilled jewelers so they can add them to the finished product.

Pet memorial jewelry

There’s a wide range of cat memorial jewelry options to match your tastes and budget. Some of the pet’s ashes can be incorporated into a pendant for a necklace or bracelet that you can wear constantly or whenever you need to re-establish contact with your pet.

5. A cat memorial painting

Going with a traditional cat memorial painting may be the best choice out of all the cat memorial suggestions available, particularly if you’re looking for something classy and devoted to the memories of your cat. Some cat owners purchase oil paintings of their cats on canvas to help them through grief.

Oil paints require a little more time to cure, but once they are, the painting will be brilliant and strong for years. The painting can be hung anywhere in your house. No matter if it’s in the living room, the bedroom, or the hallway. This will give you a stronger sense of connection to your favorite kitty companion.

You could commission a modest, straightforward drawing of your cat to place on a photo shelf, or you could commission a huge canvas portrait to hang over your fireplace. Just send an artist your favorite photo of your cat, and they’ll paint it and return it to you within a few weeks.

Suppose you’re creative or have always wanted to learn how to paint yourself, then working on your own portrait of your cherished cat may be an excellent way to pay tribute to them and a therapeutic approach to working with the feelings of losing someone important to you.

If you have children, perhaps you can all sit down and create your own paintings or drawings of the family pet. Children typically experience death for the first time when a pet dies. Spending time as a family in mourning, appreciation, and processing the loss of the family cat can be beneficial.

6. A cat statue

A cat statue is an excellent cat memorial idea if you are more visually inclined and respond better to a physical representation of your kitty. You can buy a cat memorial statue to preserve your cat’s silhouette and energy.

A cat statue

A cat statue can accurately depict your cat’s body type and features and will resemble your furry friend exactly. Some companies can even give the statue angel wings and a contented expression, which could bring calm to your soul every time you view it.

Cat statues make excellent cat memorial gifts for any friend who may have lost a cat. The statue is made of durable materials so that it can be exposed to the elements. They are also coated with resin, which makes the statues weather-resistant.

You can also place it in your backyard to create your own kitty memorial garden. It will be like having additional interactions with your pet friend every time you pass these cat memorials.

7. Quilt

If you and your cat used to cuddle on the couch or in bed, ordering a personalized pet memorial quilt can be an appropriate approach to preserve your cat’s memory.

A pet memorial quilt can take a lot of different shapes. You can have a quilt made up of squares with pictures, paw prints, or memories. Another choice is to make a quilted portrait of your cat using various colored pieces of fabric.

You could make this fantastic project yourself if you’re a little crafty. Since quilting takes a lot of time, it would be an excellent time to reflect on your unique relationship with your cat and the joy they bring into your life.

If your children are also grieving over the loss of the family pet, you might want to allow them to each create a quilt square using fabric markers or paint. Various components can join together to form a single whole while simultaneously expanding to form something bigger, making quilts potent allegories for families.

8. Memorial garden

There are various additional ways to decorate your backyard to honor your family’s pet and place a memorial stone in your garden.

A unique wind chime is a thoughtful pet tribute. You’ll hear lovely sounds and be reminded of the joy and affection your pet cat brought to your life every time the wind blows.

Using a specialized garden stake is another beautiful way to honor your deceased pet. Put this stake next to the tree or bird-watching spot that your cat prefers.

This is also an excellent option if you want to create an outside monument for your pet but don’t have enough room in your yard or rented home.

The addition of statues to your yard is usually lovely, and you might think about looking for a memorial statue that depicts the deceased cat in your family.

9. Planter

Another way to honor your cat is to get a tiny planter with a painted picture of your pet. This is especially great if you love gardening and don’t have access to outdoor space. If you can draw, you can buy a planter and paint your pet’s image on it. You can also hire someone else to paint the picture if you’re not a remarkably talented artist.


10. Memorial cat glass prints

You can choose from various memorial cat glass prints to honor your cat’s loving memory. Glass prints come in various sizes and shapes, and you can have them in different designs, including paw prints and snowflakes. You also get to choose the glass and colors that you want.

The glass prints are typically made of very sturdy glass and can be placed in any room of the house. They have a subtle sense of distinctiveness and are very discrete, allowing you to place some of your pet friend’s ashes inside them.

Experts say having your pet’s ashes close by can be very consoling and help lessen the unbearable loss.

Glass prints also make a perfect memorial gift for a grieving pet owner.

11. Memory Photo Album

Consider making a photo album with recollections if you don’t have much room to dedicate a specific spot in your home or yard to commemorate your pet. Or if you’re more reserved and would prefer to mourn and remember your pet in a more private setting rather than making a showy display or donning pet memorial jewelry.

Even just gathering all the pictures of your family, including your pet, can be emotional. Making a unique album out of all the images you have of your pets allows you to revisit past experiences and recognize all the contributions your pet has made to your family.

You can arrange the pictures in chronological order so that you can see your cat getting older every time you turn the page. Your family can spend time together selecting their favorite pictures and even adding a letter or poem written by hand in tribute to your feline friend.

12. Cat River Stones

Custom cat river stones are a simple cat memorial idea if you’re seeking a way to ease the grieving process. You can personalize the memorial stones however you like, including the name and birthday of your cat or anything else that you feel best captures the unique bond you shared with deceased furry friends.

Cat River Stones

Everything can be inscribed with the highest quality and accuracy on river stones. The company will send you the design draft before engraving, so you have the option to accept it or request changes.

The personalized remembrance stones will go well everywhere in your house. Consider leaving them on a rack, work desk, your cat’s preferred resting spot, flowerpot, or anywhere else that comes to mind.

You can also place it outside in your yard, so you’ll be reminded of your dependable friend whenever you go outside.

Cat river stones also make lovely and thoughtful pet memorial gift suggestions for pet parents who don’t like flashy gifts.

13. Picture puzzle

An image puzzle superimposes a picture of your pet over a jigsaw shape. After printing, the puzzle is divided into smaller pieces, so there is an image of the pet once the puzzle is solved.

This present is an exceptional choice for a pet’s passing and suits craftspeople and artistic pet owners the best. Picture puzzles are also suitable for use on pet loss anniversaries. By working together to complete the puzzle, your family can have fun and laugh while remembering their pet.

14. Conduct a funeral

Even though having physical and observable pet memorial objects might be a great way to honor your cat, it can occasionally be beneficial to have a ritual experience to mark and acknowledge your pet’s passing.

Hosting a memorial ceremony for your pet is suitable for everyone and can be especially healthy if you have kids. Although most believe that memorial ceremonies are only for human loved ones, cats are also a part of the family.

Bring your family and possibly some family friends who are cat lovers and also know and love your pet. Create a space in the room where each person can light a candle to remember your cat or hold a brief candle-lighting ceremony to establish the mood. Of course, young toddlers shouldn’t be left unattended when lighting candles.

Prepare blessings and prayers appropriate for your family’s religious and spiritual beliefs to be read at the service. Each member of the family and the service staff should be given a chance to share a favorite pet memory or story.

If you have a way of showing videos at your memorial spot, show pet images and perhaps home footage. Even ordering t-shirts with a creative representation of your cat on them for each family member is an option.

It is cathartic and beneficial to hold a ceremonial celebration to honor and process the death of a cherished animal. It provides a beautiful opportunity for your kids to learn about the grieving process after a loved one passes away.

15. Pet urns

Cat cremation ash urns are a great way to remember the incredible bond that exists between a cat and its owner. Cat urns are the ideal way to pay tribute to any deceased feline as they come in a wide variety of exquisite designs and are made from different materials. Everyone knows that cats have sophisticated preferences, and since these cat cremation urns are truly museum quality, they are perfect for use as decorative items in the home.

Pet urns

Surprisingly, trustworthy internet memorial sellers are typically the best place to buy cat ash urns rather than a vet’s office. Many vets offer a limited selection of cat urns and provide them to their clients who have lost a cat and requested cremation of the remains. However, these offices virtually never have the incredible selection of cat urns that can be obtained online (since veterinarians work in the business of saving lives and aftercare is only a sideline frequently beneficial to clients).

Families can find thousands of exquisite cat urns online in only a few minutes, and most of them can be ordered and delivered in plenty of time for a memorial ceremony after cremation. 

In fact, looking for the ideal cat cremation urn in such a setting may be therapeutic in and of itself because it allows one to view all available alternatives and make sure they have chosen the best urn to honor their beloved pet.

Many pet ash urns are available in a range of diverse materials, including wood, ceramic, metal, glass, and cultured resins, to mention a few. Some of the most well-liked cat figurine urns are those that are linked to bases made of various materials, such as marble or wood, and hold the cat’s cremated remains. These figurine urns come in sizes varying from a few inches to complete life-sized versions.