How Much Should Pet Cremation Cost?

If your pet has passed away recently, you are going through a difficult period, and the last thing you want to think about is the pet cremation cost of your beloved companion. You are thrown into instant grief for your deceased pet, and at the same time, you’ll need to address the necessary arrangements for their remains.

Pet Cremation Cost: Dog & Cat in Grass

This blog will look at handling arrangements, how the pet cremation process works, and give you an idea of how much the pet cremation costs will be. We hope that the information will help you in some way as you navigate your grief for the loss of your pet.

Handling the Arrangements

While some pet owners choose the option of a pet cemetery to bury their pet’s body, others will bury their loved companion on their own property. Another option is to use a pet cremation service. How you carry out the arrangements comes down to personal preference, but there is also a cost associated with each method, and for those on a budget, it is something worth considering.

The best thing you can do is to talk to your veterinarian. They will have recommendations for the best pet cremation services in your area, or they may handle the cremation process and take care of any details you may want for your pet’s remains.

As difficult as the situation is, you may also want to handle all of the arrangements yourself by contacting the crematorium, picking out a special urn, and arranging the pick-up and transfer of your pet. By making most of the arrangements yourself, you will save money on things like transfer fees or costs associated with any other service performed by the crematorium.

Learning more about the process of pet cremation may help make this decision easier.

Pet Cremation Process

If you have decided to use a cremation service, you may be wondering what is involved in the process. The process itself is simple. Any inorganic items are removed from the pet, such as microchip implants, a collar, or tags.

The animal is placed in a cremation unit, and it is heated up to more than 1,400° Fahrenheit. Depending on the animal’s size, the body stays in the cremation unit for 30 minutes to at least a few hours.

The pet’s remains are then removed, turned into ashes, and further broken down into smaller fragments. At this point, there are a few options available for their ashes, with each option affecting the cost of the cremation you choose. Let’s explore some of the more common options available.

Pet Cremation Options

When it comes to the cost of the cremation, there are three main pet cremation methods available in most areas:

  • A communal or comingled cremation.
  • An individual or partitioned cremation.
  • A private pet cremation.

Communal Cremation

To keep your pet cremation costs low, many pet owners choose the communal option. Communal cremation is a method that involves cremating multiple pets in one cremation chamber together simultaneously.

Since the animals are cremated in one cremation chamber, the pet owner can’t receive their pet’s ashes. Typically the crematory will dispose of the ashes or perform a ceremony to scatter ashes on behalf of the owner. The cost of pet cremation using this method is approximately $30-$75.

Individual Pet Cremation

A more expensive method similar to communal pet cremation is individual cremation. Individual cremations are a semi-private cremation service that involves having your pet cremated with multiple animals simultaneously. The main difference between communal and individual is that each animal is placed in separate chambers with the individual method.

Many crematories use this method to keep costs low and keep the pet’s ashes relatively separate. Due to the leakage of ashes between chambers, this method is not entirely exact and may vary between pet crematories. You may not always be guaranteed you’ll receive your pet’s ashes.

With the ashes returned to the owner, they can then make further arrangements to personally scatter the ashes or bury the cremated remains in burial plots at a pet cemetery. Contact your local pet crematory to find out the exact individual cremation costs for your beloved pet.

Private Pet Cremation

The most expensive method available is a private cremation. This means that instead of your pet being cremated with several pets simultaneously, only your pet will be in the cremation chamber.

The cost to cremate with a private method can vary between pet crematoriums. Many people choose this method to ensure that their pet’s ashes will not be mixed with other pets. Contacting the crematorium will let you know the exact cremation cost of private pet cremation.

Pet Cremation Cost by Pet Size

The average costs associated with the cremation process vary significantly based on the animal’s size. For a small animal, pet cremation costs can be about $30, but those costs can go as high as $250 or more for a larger animal. The cost of pet cremation services may also include a pet urn or keepsake box or an additional fee for a pick-up service of the pet’s body.

One of the questions you may be asking yourself when deciding on various cremation costs is, “How much does it cost to cremate a pet because of their size?” Here are some things to consider if you decide to use a cremation service for your beloved pet:

Animal Size

Big dog and small dog on couch

Pet cremation costs are typically based on the size of the animal. It will generally cost more to cremate a dog like a bull mastiff than cremate a small cat.

To have a larger dog cremated means that the pet will take up more space in the cremation chamber, while a cat cremation usually means less space used during the process. This rule applies even if the pet owner chooses an individual pet cremation method. It will also take a lot longer to cremate a dog that is larger than it would for a smaller pet like a cat.

Since prices will vary between crematoriums, many will group several pets together in specific weight classes for individual or communal pet cremation services.

Contact several crematoriums for price quotes to determine the cost of cremating your large or small pet. Choose the one that feels right, explains all the costs, and understands your needs and budget.

Animal Type

Although this may not affect most cremation services, some crematoriums base their costs around the type of animal to be cremated. However, since most animal cremations are priced depending on size, a cat and dog cremation cost would differ. For example, a cat or small dog cremation may be treated differently than the cremation of large dogs or other larger animals.

The crematorium may treat cat and dog cremation differently from the cremation of wildlife or exotic pets. Although not as common, cremating exotic pets or wildlife might be a situation worth addressing with your crematorium. They will let you know the costs or if they even perform exotic or wildlife types of cremations.

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Dog?

Every crematorium is different, so the cost of pet cremation will vary. However, there are some general costs based on the size of the pet and the type of service you choose. For example, let’s take a look at some of the more general costs to cremate a dog for communal and private cremation:

Example 1: Communal Cremation Options

To cremate dogs using the communal method. The approximate price breakdown is:

  • 0-30 lbs: $50-$80
  • 30-50 lbs: $50-$90
  • 51-70 lbs: $50-$100
  • 71-90 lbs: $100-$150
  • 91lbs and over: $150-$200

This method is when the dog is cremated with other pets. The ashes are not returned to the owner.

Example 2: Private Cremation Options

To cremate dogs using the private method. The price breakdown is approximately:

  • 0-30 lbs: $100-$175
  • 30-50 lbs: $150-$250
  • 51-70 lbs: $200-$300
  • 71-90 lbs: $250-$375
  • 91lbs and over: $350-$450

This method is when the dog is cremated and ashes are returned to the owner.

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Cat?

Sleeping Cat

As we’ve learned, the cost of pet cremation is based on weight. Whether cremating a dog or a cat, all pets will fall under the same guidelines. Use the price list above as a general rule of thumb for all animals.

Whether you choose a communal or private method, the initial price is mostly based on the animal’s weight. In some cases, such as exotics or wildlife, there may be additional fees associated with the cremation and transfer of unique types of pets.

Types of Cremations

Size factors for small dogs, large dogs, cats, and wildlife will all play a part in the cost of the cremation. Another factor to consider is what type of cremation you want for your beloved friend.

If you choose to do a private cremation, individual cremation, or communal cremation, it will affect the price. There are also additional fees to be considered. Pet cremation urns can become costly depending on the style and design.

Do the cremated ashes belong in a specialized pet urn, or do you prefer a simple box? Do you find pet cemeteries and burial plots a more peaceful setting for the urns to be placed?

The arrangements made for the cat or dog’s ashes can quickly add up. After your pet passes, it can be tough to make these decisions. Thinking about burial services at a pet cemetery, cremation urns, or private cremations compared to communal cremations will have to be discussed.

Talk to family members, friends, and your vet, and reach out to several crematoriums. Choose the crematorium you feel will be the most caring and provide the most thorough treatment of your deceased furry friend.

Additional Costs of Cremation

As with any pet cremation or burial arrangements, there may be several additional fees that you should be aware of. Extra services can become costly and may include:

  • Help with picking up or transferring the deceased animal.
  • Choosing the style and design of pet urns
  • Standing witness at the cremation.
  • Providing a burial of the ashes.
  • Have the cremated remains delivered to your door.

The best thing you can do is to consult with a professional cremation company. They will explain the additional costs, have a list of pet cemeteries available for burial of the ashes, and have cost-effective options available for pet urns for you to choose from.

What Can You Do With Your Pet’s Ashes?

Most owners have spent many years showing their furry friend loving animal care, and want their life to be remembered with a special ceremony.

Many people choose to collect the ashes of their deceased friend. They may want to display the ashes in their homes, place them at a pet cemetery, or scatter them in a favorite place. These memorial services are a great way to say goodbye to a pet who gave you much love.

Scattering Ashes

Scatter ashes

Even though it is not closely monitored in rural areas, burying your deceased pet in an urban backyard is rarely legal. In most cases, scattering ashes is legal if you stick to your own property. It is always best to check with local authorities before you decide to scatter the ashes in a public space. You may require special permission to do so.

Create a Memorial Garden Dedicated to Your Pet

If you cannot scatter your pet’s ashes in a public space, you can create a beautiful tribute to the life and love they gave you by making a memorial garden in your backyard. With a memorial garden, you can choose to bury the ashes or scatter them around a special area.

You can even plant a tree or flowers or design something unique with a stone statue, bench, or decorative rocks in the spot where the ashes are laid to rest. Make it a space you can visit daily to pay your respects to your beloved furry friend.

Customize a Keepsake

After your pet has been cremated, you can choose from various urns to store the ashes in. Or you can take some of the ashes to be turned into a memorial piece of jewelry. You can make several pieces simultaneously for each family member to have a keepsake to remember the pet and keep them close to their heart.

Keep in mind that each additional memorial product comes with an additional cost. By talking to your veterinarian or local crematorium, they can explain the different options available for you to honor your furry family friend while honoring your budget at the same time.

Water Burial Services

If you had a water-loving pet, a water burial or ash scattering ceremony off a boat on the water might be ideal. There are some strict regulations for these types of ceremonies. Check your local laws or visit your local law enforcement agency to ensure a water burial service is legal. It can be a peaceful and beautiful way to remember and honor your pet.


Whether you choose a communal, individual, or private cremation, buy a unique and stylish urn, or have a more simplified backyard burial, the ceremony you choose to remember your pet will be personal and loving.

It doesn’t require any money at all to say goodbye. However, if you want to do something extra, there are always options you can add to any ceremony or memorial before you lay them to rest. They were your loved pet, and your decisions to remember them are yours alone. Do what feels right for them and bring some peace to your life during this difficult time.