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DNA Storage

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DNA Storage
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DNA Storage
DNA Storage
DNA Storage
DNA Storage
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Product Description:
The DNA Storage is a Product made to store your families DNA for future generations. There is NO LAB needed and the customer can do it them self. The capsule is kept by the customer and only sent to a lab once ready for genetic testing. It has a triple sealed barrier, thus protecting the DNA from moisture and degeneration. The container does not need to be refrigerated which is better for the environment. Once the capsule is properly sealed, it should only be opened at a lab when the family wishes to have the blood tested. Blood is used rather than a cheek swab because blood provides a high quality quantity of the DNA. The testing facility is able to run numerous tests for analysis on the same sample. It is a bit more invasive than the cheek swab, but this is the preferred method for DNA testing for medical conditions.
The capsule contains a synthetic chemical matrix which is a mixture of dis-solvable compounds that stabilizes DNA at room temperature. The matrix formulation is based on the natural principles of anhydrobiosis, meaning “life without water”. Anhydrobiosis is a biological mechanism employed by some multi cellular organisms that enable their survival in a dry state for periods over 100 years. Though we recommend going to a lab to have your blood extracted, we do include an at home kit if you wish to have it done at home or funeral home. The complete instructions are included with the product.

How Does It Work:
The capsule makes it easy to extract blood so you don’t have to be a registered nurse to figure it out! There are four essential parts to the capsule. The main piece is the capsule itself which holds the vile of blood. The capsule is made of wood and metal to protect the blood sample should it fall or be mishandled. The second piece is the desiccant pack which is placed in the bottom of the capsule before inserting the vile. The desiccant pack takes the hydration out of the air so that the blood can be preserved for many years. The blood vile is the third component that is placed in the capsule. Inside the vile the blood is stored for future testing. Once both items have been placed in the capsule you must seal it tightly with the lid to prevent air from getting inside and ruining the contents.

Our DNA Storage:
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Product Features:
  • The Storage Container is Made in the US
Approximate Product Details:
  • Preserve Your Family DNA For Generations
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"This was a sudden shocking death of my brother...I live in Oregon, he was in Ariz. When his son picked up his ashes he saw similar small urns, which neither of us were familiar with. He asked if I wanted one, as he was getting one and was spreading the rest of the ashes at sentimental sites throughout the country. I found your site on line, had never had to deal with "ashes" before and frankly found the idea of a large urn on a mantle unsettling. Keepsake urns were the answer. As my nephew said "once I spread the ashes there will be nothing of my Dad left". That convinced me I too needed a keepsake urn, found your website, and actually ended up paying $27 for the same urn my nephew bought at the mortuary for well over $100. I had the urn shipped to his address in Las Vegas, he transferred some ashes in my new urn and shipped it on to me. I only received it yesterday and was astonished at just how beautiful, simply yet classic the urn is. Far from being "creepy", I immediately cherish this keepsake of my last close family member. Thank you so much for your elegant product, the quick and excellent service and having the ability to buy it on line from Oregon then send it to Vegas then finally have it arrive at my home in Oregon helped tremendously in this agonizing situation. I will treasure this beautiful urn always, and thank you again for everything. Deborah Kimberlin"
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James Kimberlin, Jr.

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