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What is a Religious Casket & Why Do I Need a Casket with Jesus or God on it?

The passing of a friend or family member is one of the hardest situations that we will have to experience in our lifetimes. Whether the loss was long expected or sudden, many cannot brace themselves for the actual loss, or the grief that ensues thereafter. Some individuals are very fortunate to have a strong set of beliefs that they can turn to during these difficult times in life, and regardless of the religious practices they participate in, they are often greatly comforted in knowing that there is a higher purpose for everything that happens in our lives. Those that are members of a church or congregation are also further comforted in knowing that the religious institution that they are a part of can provide great resources, such as prayer or even grief support groups, vigils, or other practices that are meant to comfort bereaved families and individuals. With that said, and for those who are religious, a beautiful religious casket can help complete a beautiful celebration of life, and honor the lost loved one by providing a dignified and peaceful final resting place.

Religious caskets offer a beautiful selection of religiously themed caskets, as well as caskets appropriate for certain religious ceremonies, such as Jewish funerals. The caskets appropriate for Jewish ceremonies are made of all natural wood, and feature beautiful interiors, as well as elegant full handle bars. These gorgeous pieces are not constructed on the Sabbath day, or any other Jewish holiday, in respect to the traditions of this religion. Also offered are a beautiful selection of caskets appropriate for Catholic ceremonies, which feature exquisite Vatican accents. These gorgeous caskets are made of hardwood or mahogany wood and are adorned with crepe or velvet interiors, that feature a matching pillow and throw, as well as a beautiful sash that is placed on the folded portion of the throw that covers the closed half of the casket lid. There is also a mini-sash that holds the Vatican seal, and is placed near the pillow, at the top end of the casket. The most breathtaking feature of these Vatican-themed caskets are the interior panels, that hold a highly-detailed religious image that mirrors the same, classical paintings that adorn the actual Vatican church. These wonderful caskets also feature traditional hardware and sculpted corners to provide a beautiful and elegant final resting place.

Families or individuals that have strong religious beliefs are truly fortunate, in that they may be able to find peace by turning to their religion or beliefs. Of course, the passing of a loved friend or family member is never easy, and will affect everyone differently, but studies show that, on average, those that do actively participate in religious ceremonies, or simply in prayer or meditation or any other practice that promotes spirituality, are less prone to mental, and even physical ailments. With that said, it is understandable how having strong religious beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs may be, can help one cope with a loss in ways that are healthy and beneficial to the individual mourning, which will ultimately help in the long run of the grieving process.

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