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17 Century Bible Cremation Urn

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17 Century Bible Cremation Urn
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Product Description:
The 17 Century Bible Wood Cremation Urn is made from white oak and is a custom design which comes from a plank that covered a wooden dam on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The wood is from virgin growth oak 350 to 400 years old. The dam was in the river for 150 years and completely underwater for 94 of those years. A historic tribute to nature were we come from and will return to.
Top opening lid which is held in place with a screw.

The Historic Wood Story:
"Hi! I am old and historic. I am virgin growth heart pine from the Fredericksburg area of Virginia, and at least 350 years old.
I was a seedling before we were a nation and started growing between the late 1500’s to mid-1600’s. I was here to watch some of the first settlers arrive and colonize Virginia. George Washington grew up not too far from me. I watched as the colonists fought for their independence, won, and birthed this great nation. I had a front row seat as Central Virginia grew and prospered.
When I was full grown I was selected for a very important job. Fredericksburg needed power to drive its industry. I was going to be part of the dam that would provide that power. I was full grown, and going to work. So in December, 1854 I, along with a whole lot of my fellow pines and oaks, were anchored in the Rappahannock River and diverted water into Fredericksburg to drive its many mills.
I fought in two battles in the Civil War, proudly serving General Robert E. Lee. I saw service in The Battle of Fredericksburg and The Battle of Chancellorsville to name a few. I continued working hard driving industry until my big brother, The Embry Dam, took over in 1910.
For 94 years I rested under the waters of the Rappahannock and in 2003 I was removed to allow the river to run free once again.
Approximate Product Details:
  • Size: 12" W x 8" D x 6" H
  • Capacity: 210 cubic inches
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
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