Military Flag Cases 

A military flag display case will protect the honor that every Veteran or Fallen Hero has earned

For many generations our Veterans and fallen heroes have been honored with a flag or burial flag upon their release from the military or, in some cases, loss. It stands without reason that flag cases have been an integral part of this tradition, as they not only beautifully showcase the flag they contain, but also preserve and protect it so it can last for many years, if not generations, to come. What many do not realize is that choosing a flag case is a little more challenging than you would think. When selecting the case, a family wants to be sure that they choose a case that not only preserves the flag, but honors the person the flag represents, as well as has a pleasing aesthetic appearance, of course. Below are some things to consider when selecting and purchasing a military flag case. We will add items to this list on occasion. Please contact us with suggestions for information to include.

Styles We Offer:

The Presidential Flag Display case offers a unique way to pay tribute to your offers many different styles of flag cases, but there are two that are the most prominent. A great example of the first style is our Presidential, of which an example is shown to the left, and the Heritage military flag case. These cases are hinged and open from the front, meaning that the glass cover through which the flag is displayed swings down to accept the flag. The second most popular style of military flag cases are the type that do not have hinges and must be opened from the back with a screwdriver. This style is popular because families feel the flag is more secure in a case which can only be opened by removing the screws, whereas others prefer the latter style, as it is easier to access the flag. The fronts of most of our military flag cases are made of glass and, therefore, the flag is visible even when the top is shut. Our Heritage line of military flag cases, however, have a wood front, therefore the flag is visible only when the case is displayed open. Mostly, families who select the Heritage case prefer to display the case closed. The exterior of the case, however, can be personalized with an engraved plaque, or even a medallion or coin which depicts the branch of military for the person to whom the flag pays tribute. The case to the left is also embossed with the Great Seal of our country, on the glass, which is important to note as some families do not care for the appearance of the glass embossed with the seal. Mostly the cases feature a simple, plain glass panel to beautifully present and protect the flag. While these two case styles are the most popular, there are several different varieties of flag case, such as the case at the top of this page, which features a two-part system which completely encases the flag, to ensure a dust free environment to further protect the flag. Other popular styles feature a medallion case, such as in the example photo to the left, in which the medallions awarded can be proudly displayed, along with the flag. A style of flag case that is gaining more and more popularity features a pedestal, which is also visible in the example photo to the left, which would contain the cremated ashes of the person. This last style is popular because it offers a cremation urn that is very different from traditional cremation vessels, and which is integrated with the other memorabilia of the person. This version is also very popular because it is a discreet, yet very personal tribute. It should be noted that all of the flag cases can be personalized or augmented with a medallion case of pedestal urn, and while the pedestal does hold cremation ashes, it can also be left empty, and used to simply showcase the flag case, or can even be filled with small mementos, such as medallions, coins, news clippings, or any other small remembrance.

Display Issues:

Any government issued flag should fit in any of our military flag cases. The standard size of the burial flag is 5" by 9.5". Your flag should be folded according to strict, historic traditions, following the flag folding method that is standard witht any U.S. flag. Wall mounting kits are included with all of our flag cases, but you should also consider displaying your military flag case on a pedestal that, by elevating the flag and military flag case, focuses the attention to the flag. We offer a variety of beautiful pedestals that can be personalized the names, dates and a service emblem. Engraved plates can also be attached, with an adhesive back, to the military flag case itself.

Caring For Your Flag Case:

To clean your military flag case, we suggest using simply a dry cloth on the wood and glass cleaner on the glass top. Flag case wood is best left untreated. But you might consider using a wood preservative.

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