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Hobby urns are particularly interesting cremation ash vessels that are taking the world by storm these days, as a number of influential newspapers – ranging from USA Today to the Milwaukee Journal - Sentinal – have published intriguing features about the phenomena. Simply put, hobby cremation urns are specially designed cremation vessels that allow a person to be remembered forever according to what he or she loved to do best. Hobby urns are a relatively new product in the memorial industry, and the most popular of hobby urns to date appears to be the motorcycle-themed hobby urns. Motorcycle hobby urns are quickly becoming famous for their distinct shapes, the most popular of which is formed into a motorcycle gas tank, and they are designed with a colorful, fun look that is appropriate for any home’s recreation room. Many motorcycle enthusiasts have been known to, upon seeing these unique hobby urns available for a reasonable price, quickly purchase one and display it proudly in their homes, even before their deaths. “That is where I’m going to end up,” they happily tell their friends and family who come by for a visit and see the empty hobby urn on a shelf. It goes without saying that those individuals are comforted by the thought of knowing that they have found the perfect final resting place for themselves.

One interesting note about motorcycle hobby urns, one of America’s first distributors and manufacturers of these unique urns has, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, approached motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson about including the Harley Davidson logo on the hobby urns. So far, Harley Davidson has declined to make a deal. So, for now anyway, motorcycle urns, as with nearly all other hobby urns, remain simply generic designs without any loyalty to particular brands or companies. One imagines that, as hobby urns begin to grow in popularity, this trend will certainly change. While there are no trade-marked symbols on these hobby urns so far, the attention to detail in the design is just as vigorous as it would be on an actual motorcycle gas tank.

Hobby Cremation Urns celebrate the passions of a persons lifeWhile motorcycle cremation urns are among, if not, the most popular of hobby urns, there are several other themes that are equally as creative and interesting. The racecar-themed hobby urns, for example the urn to the right, are also popular sellers in these relatively early days of hobby urns. The hobby urns feature race track symbols and, the urn to the left showcases a racecar center stage, which can be switched out for a favored collectors piece. These urns are also particularly popular among families who have suffered the tragedy of losing a child. Young boys, of course, are often fond of building model cars that they daydream of one day of racing in, say, the Daytona 500. And these hobby urns assure that, despite the tragic loss, those dreams may live on forever. These types of hobby urns, as with all hobby urns, are, accordingly, a great comfort for grieving friends and family members of the deceased. Aside from that, the whimsical design of the cremation urn itself is enough to put a smile on the face of even the most upset of grievers, as they can also find comfort in the fact that the urn memorializes the passions of the deceased.

Hobby urns are more than just a fad; they are among the several interesting new memorial trends that have come about in recent years thanks to increased competition in the memorial industry, with much thanks due largely in part to the Federal Trade Commission. While motorcycle and racecar hobby urns seem to be the best selling hobby urns so far, manufacturers are sure to capitalize on their popularity and begin producing many other styles in the coming months and years. Already the memorial industry offers hobby urns related to sports such as baseball and football, outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking, and even needlework such as crocheting and knitting. But that is just the start of what is possible. The world is filled with hobbies that become a life’s passions for thousands – or even millions of people. It’s just a matter of time, then, before the memorial industry begins offering hobby urns for just about any hobby one can think of.

Hobby urns not only give us the ability to properly memorialize our loved ones, but also can be utilized in a memorial service to the deceased. It is easy to see most hobby urns presented in almost any memorial service because of their highly decorated features. Not only would the highly personalized memorial urn look wonderful, it would also give the loved ones left behind one final and befitting farewell to the dearly departed, considering that the urn would most likely remind them of the person. The hobby urns offer a way to feel connected to the person that has passed because it reminds us of the person's passions in life. These whimsical urns could even uplift the spirits because of their charm, and may even help soothe a person during the grieving process. We have had many families let us know how their hobby urn makes them smile every time they walk by it, and that is certainly understood! While hobby cremation vessels may seem somewhat 'outthere', they are only a small offering of the various different urn styles available in the market today. The hobby urn's features remind us more of the fun and happy memories of the person, rather than the pain and grief felt at the time of their loss. With a hobby cremation urn, you will not only create an unforgettable tribute to your loved one, but also properly celebrate the life they lived.

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