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Death For Beginners Book

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Death For Beginners Book
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The Book Death for Beginners is a no nonsense humorous insightful and completely practical book about funeral and memorial money saving guide to planning for the Inevitable. It will help readers quickly accomplish the difficult but necessary task of planning for death. Inspired to write after watching a close friend deal with an unexpected death, author Karen Jones put her 15 years of television journalism experience to work and began learning about the death business from the ground up … or rather the ground down.
From body disposal to funeral planning to writing a will, Death for Beginners shows readers how to plan ahead with practicality, frugality and efficiency. Jones’ advice is serious, but her spadeful of graveyard humor is not. Written in a time-saving “grab, read, do and get on with your life” bullet-point format, Death for Beginners lets readers quickly grasp essential information, decide what issues are most important to them, and further explore these topics. Jones spells out for readers their options, costs, pros and cons, and how to make sure that living people will do what a dead guy tells them. Easy-to-use worksheets -downloadable from the books’s companion website, - guide readers through making key decisions.
Humor lightens the book as Jones explains why a man’s body exploded and blew the doors off a crematorium, relates the worst obituary ever written, discloses why baseball player Ted Williams’ frozen head cracked in two, and describes just how you can have your ashes shot out of a potato gun.
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  • An Informative Guide about Funerals
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