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When handled properly glass cremation urns can last for decades and longer

Now in days it can be very hard to see how much art affects the world we live in. From the design created for a major skyscraper, down to the logo displayed on a box of laundry detergent, art has a fundamental role in how our culture, and any culture, evolves. Because of the variety of different ways art is perceived, it can be difficult to find a way to adequately memorialize someone, especially someone that is very important to us, while maintaining the dignity of a true memorial. For this particular reason, glass urns are quickly becoming more and more popular, as they offer us a way of memorializing someone in a completely different and unique fashion, while feeling that we are still honoring their life. Being a product made mostly of transformed sand, glass urns are also perhaps the best type of cremation urn for those interested in preserving the famous “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” tradition of the bible. The chief ingredient in most any glass urns is sand that, through a mysterious heating process, changes from a grainy, unruly compilation of quartz crystals to a metallic-looking solid that, chemically speaking, has many of the same properties as a liquid, because it heats so quickly that the molecules do not have a chance to form into any certain crystalline structure. On an interesting side note, glass is, arguably, one of the only substances on earth that could be classified, technically, as either a solid or a liquid.

Glass urns feature vibrant colors and designs unseen in other mediumsThe glass that most of today’s glass ash vessels come from has its roots as early as 5,000 B.C. That’s when, according to what we know from the writings of the ancient historian Pliny the Elder, a crew of sailors were landed on a barren island and looking to cook their food. Unable to find any rocks with which to hold their pots over a fire, they decided to use blocks of soda powder that were part of their ship’s cargo. This decision turned out to be historic. Once heated by the fire, the blocks of soda melted into the island’s sand, and became what the world now knows as glass. From not long after that day, glass has been a valuable part of a number of man-made products, including, of course, glass art urns. Blown glass reaches far back in Mediterranean and Western European cultures, and was even popular in the time of the Roman Empire, as it was a practical means of transporting fallen soldiers and protecting the earthly remains of particularly important citizens. In fact, the use of cremation urns crafted from blown glass goes further back than urns made of brass or even stone. It is interesting to note that glass cremation vessels were prevailent not long after the innovation of blown glass, with glass columbariums discovered from as far back as the 1st or 2nd century, A.D.

Glass urns can be used to memorialize just about anyone, but are becoming more and more popular with those who are very earth-conscious, who are looking to create a natural memorial. The reason being is that while the urn can be fashioned into almost any design, from a simple vessel to an elaborate sculpture, the material itself is completely natural. That means that glass urns can offer not only a completely unique yet natural tribute, but also one that is more or less permanent, as antique glass urns have been discovered in ruins of ancient civilizations, and amazingly, these urns were intact! Glass urns, now in days, are offered in a variety of different designs and, needless to say, colors and patterns. From simple, yet elegant vessels that feature vibrant colors, to stunning sculptures with exquisite details. Some glass artists are even able to completely infuse the ashes into the glass, permanently encasing them into a gorgeous sculpture. Some of our most popular designs feature glass that has been cut and assembled into a rectangular chest. These urns are simply gorgeous as they almost look like stained glass, and are even ideal for those with strong religious views. Glass urns can even be, in a way, therapeutic for grieving families as they offer a beauty that is unseen in other traditional mediums, creating memorials that are as unique as the loved ones they pay tribute to.

Aside from their connection to the Earth because of their main ingredient, which is sand, glass urns are an excellent choice for nature lovers for another reasons, too. Natural glass, also known as obsidian, has been around for as long as the Earth. That means that, perhaps other than marble urns, glass urns have the distinction of being made from the oldest material from which urns have ever been fashioned. Natural glass is much rarer and expensive than man-made glass, but it can be found in areas where sand and intense heat mixes naturally, such as in regions where volcanoes either currently exist or existed in the Earth’s early days.

Glass’s unique characteristic of behaving both like a solid and a liquid has one interesting implication for glass urns. Many people have recorded over the centuries that ancient glass windows tend to be thinner at the top than at the bottom. This is probably because glass, being part liquid, tends to “flow” downward very slowly, although this movement, of course, cannot be seen with the naked eye. (Although scientists have not come to absolute agreement on this.) That means that glass urns designed in a particular shape will likely change their shape gradually, over the course of a few centuries. While this is enough to put someone off, there are many that love the idea that the urn is ever changing, in a way evolving. Of all cremation urns for ashes, glass urns are some of the few that offer us a completely unique way of memorializing our loved ones, as well as ensure that they will be carried on throughout time.

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