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Headstone Date Plaques

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Final Death Date Plaques for Cemetery Headstone and Grave Markers

Memorial markers have long been used throughout history to mark the final resting place of a dearly departed loved one. This particular tradition has, in one way or another, been utilized by many civilizations, and has almost seemed to have transcended the barriers of race, religion, social status and even time itself. We have always felt compelled, if even only for ourselves, to make an area that now holds such profound meaning, and for good reason. While the individual has gone, the final remembrance created carries on their memory for all eternity. We have gathered valuable information from memorial markers that were used to mark an areas of rest. These small artifacts of times past give great insight into the lives of our ancestors, and provide us a link to the past that may have otherwise been lost. This alone attests to the importance of headstones, as the pieces created today will certainly carry on our legacy into tomorrow.

With that said, those who have looked into the purchase of a grave marker are often surprised by the amount of options available. One very popular option is that of the companion gravestone. This particular design can accommodate the information for individuals that are interred side by side, or even for double depth plots. The marker will not only hold the information of the deceased, but also the information of the person that is to be interred next to them. This often leads to one very valid question - What if the other person that is on the memorial is still living?

Headstone date plaques "Final Death Date Plaques and Signs" offer a wonderful solution to this dilemma. When a family has a memorial created that holds two persons information, but one individual is still with us, the area of the date can be left blank. The family would simply order the final date plaque at the time of need, which is very simple to install onto the existing memorial. Our designers layout the information so that the dates, even those of the deceased, all appear to be on the small plaques, also known as scrolls, in order to match the overall appearance. While the final scroll would be added onto the memorial, the present scrolls are cast onto the piece, and are not removable. To place the new scroll, the family would simply remove the screws that are provided in the marker, put the date plaque in place, and then screw the screws back in. It's that simple! It is important to note that the screws are left in the bronze plaque so no debris will affect the openings for the future plaques. There is also a wonderful option for individuals that are not comfortable placing their information on the marker. The whole name, whole dates, or simply the date in any format can be left off and placed on with a scroll at a later date.

It goes without saying that creating a memorial tribute meant to last all eternity can seem like a daunting task. The headstone date plaques certainly help families who are looking to create a companion tribute, as they offer the placement of information at a later date, as well as the ability to accommodate the wishes of the living individual whom the memorial also pays tribute to.

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