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Please click on the link below for our rich Information Center about Memorial Rocks. They are perfect for home garden use, rock gardens, cemeteries or any place you like. We have placed the large ones infront of Museums and public Parks; we sold quite a few of them to famous people or Institutes. We have many tips and guiding tools for you on how to order, handle and install them.
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Garden Memorial Rocks Information, Guidance & Tips

Garden Memorials such as memorial rocks are a wonderful way to pay tribute to any loved one’s well lived life. Their ease of installation and versatility of use make them the perfect product for just about any memorial need.

The installation of memorial rocks is simple enough that the services of a professional installer are rarely required. (Though many customers wish to hire one anyway, just for convenience sake, and, in such cases, since the installation is quite easy, the professional will often simply charge his or her minimum fee. We should also note that, for best results, the services of a professional are certainly recommended when installing a large “memorial boulder.”) To install a memorial rock simply requires moving the rock to the location in which it will be displayed and setting in place. The weight of the rock will usually immobilize it even in the most harrowing of weather conditions, and it will discourage theft as well. Moving a piece of several hundred pounds will take considerable effort, and, even though each piece is considerably lighter than a natural rock would be, most would be thieves are going to be discouraged by looks alone. (All of that said; memorial rocks are all shipped with a heavy-duty metal eye bolt that can be changed to the ground -- usually with the help of an experienced installer.)

Another thing that makes memorial rocks easy to install is simply their status as a look-alike for a natural rock. Landscape designers do not usually have to make any special accommodations for a memorial rock because it looks exactly like a natural rock. While many cemeteries will not allow memorial rocks except perhaps in special designated areas, most other types of landscape designs will naturally accommodate a memorial rock in just about any way. Memorial rocks have even been known to be installed deep in forests -- even along public hiking trails -- without ever causing concern from property owners, visitors or anywhere else. This makes memorial rocks the perfect product for memorializing a loved one who lived a great life out of doors.

Garden Memorials have a myriad of uses, and not always do they simply memorialize a person who has died. Many corporations and educational institutions have designed memorial rocks to commemorate special anniversaries or unique programs. These memorial rocks can often be found adorning entrances to buildings or, in at least one case, an entire ranch. Likewise, entire neighborhoods have used memorial rocks to mark the main entrances to their subdivisions. In general, memorial rocks are appropriate for just about any purpose for which one might create a bronze plaque. The plaque is at the heart of the design, and, whatever it says it what the rock will pay tribute to -- and the sky is the limit to what the plaque can say. Bronze plaques on memorial rocks can have up to 10 lines of text with as many as 40 characters per line. But customers do not have to use all of that space for text. Many customers simply request, say, the name of a building and, perhaps, a company logo to be placed on a plaque. (It should be noted, however, that not all art work and fonts can be translated into a bronze plaque. Printing on bronze is a unique art form and some shapes and designs simply cannot be done physically for a variety of technical reasons.)

But, of course, memorial rocks do also work quite well for their originally intended purpose: memorializing a person. One customer, for example, wrote to say that the memorial rock was the only appropriate “headstone” that would suffice for his family member who was a rugged individualist and spend most of his life outdoors with nature. Using a memorial rock as a headstone is clearly not the best choice in every case, but, in a good number of cases, family members will say it’s the only choice.

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