Memorial Rocks

A memorial rock can honor both nature and a loved one

Throughout history, mankind has utilized large stones or structures made of stone to commemorate special events and people of their time. Some of the most noted structures left from days past are created from stone, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was made of limestone and granite in honor of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu over 4,000 years ago. Or perhaps the mysterious Stonehenge, made of bluestone and dating back to possibly 2000 B.C. In this case, the bluestone is actually dolerite that has been cracked or split by frost. For the sake of this purpose however, we focus on the symbolism of the material, which, in essence, is rock. Rock is very important in the fact that the steadfast nature of this durable natural material has held the secrets of ancient societies, erased by the relentless passage of time. It stands to reason then, that we utilize rock now to commemorate important events in our own lives and era. Today, it is common to use boulder style rocks to commemorate special events, such as the opening of a park, a dedication to a special person or event, or even as a tribute to the passing of a loved one. Natural stone, while beautiful, can be somewhat troublesome in the fact that it is more expensive cargo to transport due to the size and weight of what would be considered a decent size memorial. Not only that, natural stone is somewhat vulnerable to the elements such as heavy rain, winds, snow, and to an extent, even sunlight.

A Memorial Rock can create a beautiful cremation tribute to be placed in a home or memorial gardenMemorial Rocks offer a unique alternative to natural memorial boulders, in the fact that they not only have the elegant and rustic appearance of natural stone, they are more lightweight to transport, and can even be more resilient to the elements. These beautiful memorials are crafted from grade GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) cast stone to not only withstand the rain, wind, and even freezing conditions, but retain a wonderfully natural appearance that is actually even enhanced with the passing of time. These beautiful rocks can be used to simply a accent to a lawn or garden, or even as a tribute to a special event, such as a dedication piece that is placed in a public park or in front of commercial buildings. Regardless of the use, these extraordinary tribute boulders will elegantly accent any landscape they are set in.

These beautiful rocks can even offer families a new way to create a wonderful and peaceful resting place for a loved one. For those looking for a wonderful alternative to displaying a loved-one's ashes in a traditional urn or columbarium, as these boulders feature a cast bronze plaque that will hold written text. The discreet cremation chamber will safely house cremation ashes. There is even a companion option to extend the cremation chamber to hold two sets of ashes. The opening to the memorial chamber is hidden underneath the plaque, and is made of durable PVC material to hold and protect the contents within. The chamber, when extended, recedes into the earth, and is actually air and water tight, when properly sealed, to protect the contents from the natural elements. Both the standard and the cremation rocks are popular for use in memorial parks, cemeteries, cremation gardens, nature trails and even gardens in private residences. They are perfect for those looking for a more natural, and even spiritual, display option than traditional urns and memorials provide.

Process & Color Options

Since the molds for our memorial rocks are carefully replicated from actual rocks found in nature, our customers expect that the color processes we use match the realism of our castings. Their demand for quality is met by skilled craftsmen who enhance the GFRC cast stone with permanent natural shades using a proprietary coloring technique that requires no special maintenance in the future. In fact, our customers should be pleased to learn color of the replicated memorial rocks will actually appear more lifelike over the years with the helpful effects of the natural elements such as the sun, snow and rain. Some of the most popular color options include slate gray, sandstone, and granite, and the surface of the stone responds to the elements by gaining a more rugged and natural appearance, as the colors deepen and adjust. These rocks are crafted by highly skilled artisans who use a unique coloring technique that makes the rock look as realistic as possible. No maintenance is required to keep the rocks looking natural for years, even decades, to come. In fact, many customers have noticed that the rocks actually begin to appear even more lifelike as time goes by, and as the Earth's elements work their magic. Our memorial rock samples article offers a few examples of these realistic stones in a natural setting.

Durability of Garden Memorial Rocks line of memorial rocks are molded from real rocks and, accordingly, are as durable and resilient as real stone. The rocks are able to withstand the harshest of Earth's elements for year after year, and they can support more than 9,000 square inches of pressure. The rocks even hold a few advantages over real rocks, in that they weigh between 70 and 140 pounds, while their real-life counterparts can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more. Not to mention the interior cremation chamber accommodates and protects cremation ashes, or other precious mementos. These beautiful memorial rocks will indeed pass on precious memories for many years to come. Fore more information on the ordering process and handling of these rustic tributes, please see our Memorial Rock FAQ page.

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