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Ashes to Diamonds

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Yellow Cremation Diamonds
Yellow Cremation Diamonds
Starting at $2,698.95
Blue Cremation Diamonds
Blue Cremation Diamonds
Starting at $3,497.95

Red Cremation Diamonds
Red Cremation Diamonds
Starting at $3297.95
Green Cremation Diamonds
Green Cremation Diamonds
Starting at $3297.95

Clear Cremation Diamonds
Clear Cremation Diamonds
Starting at $3,497.95
Rings For The Diamonds
Rings For The Diamonds
Starting at $594.95

Pendants For The Diamonds
Pendants For The Diamonds
Starting at $149.95


Diamonds made from Cremation Ashes are a New Concept for the Funeral Markt

Since the early 1990's, the re-introduction of cremation jewelry back into the memorial market has provided items which have brought comfort to many. The simple presence of a small remembrance of a loved one, such as a small portion of cremation ashes, a lock of hair, or even earth from the gravesite can serve as a small reminder that the loved one will always be with us in spirit, if not in our hearts. While the cremation jewelry line has expanded greatly over the years, one particular innovation is capturing the attention of many. The Ash Diamonds are certified diamonds that are created from the cremation ashes or hair of a loved one.

The unique process begins when the ashes or hair of a loved one are collected. The carbon present in either the ash or hair is the main component used to create the ash diamond. Once the hair or ash is collected, and the carbon harvested, the remains are heated to extreme temperatures to convert the carbon into a refined graphite, which is necessary to create the diamond. The graphite is finally placed in a special chamber that recreates the two essential forces in nature, necessary to create a diamond: heat and pressure. The remains of the loved one are handled with great care, and are placed in special crucibles that are each marked to identify the remains, and which are only used once. Once the rough diamond emerges from the chamber, a skilled diamond cutter facets the diamond into the selected style, and a gemologist certifies the grade of the diamond. The result is a beautiful diamond with all the luster, hardness, and other characteristics as any diamond found in nature.

As stated before, many find great comfort in memorial jewelry, as it allows them to keep a small part of their loved one close at all times. A beautiful diamond can make for an unforgettable, and extremely durable remembrance that will outlast time itself. Ash diamonds can certainly create distinctive tributes to the lives of loved ones, which can be handed down from generation to generation.


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Starting at $47.95

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