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Wood Caskets
Wood Caskets
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Steel Caskets
Steel Caskets
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Metal Caskets
Metal Caskets
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Oversized Caskets
Oversized Caskets
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Child Caskets
Child Caskets
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Military Caskets
Military Caskets
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Cremation Caskets
Cremation Caskets
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Personalized Caskets
Personalized Caskets
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Green Caskets
Green Caskets
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Religious Caskets
Religious Caskets
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Sport Caskets
Sport Caskets
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Casket Burial Vaults
Casket Burial Vaults
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Unique Caskets
Unique Caskets
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Over 4 Products
Casket Accessories
Casket Accessories
Starting at $37.95
Over 21 Products


Guidance about Funeral Home Caskets and Coffins where you should Buy them and for How much?

The use of a coffin, or better known now as casket, is one of the oldest memorial traditions, dating back for at least hundreds of years. Although this tradition that was not necessarily handed down, it is one that was followed through the centuries nonetheless, as our way of paying an honorable homage to those we love. While the tradition in itself is indeed one of the most far reaching throughout human history, caskets of today a far cry from the simple, pine-boxes of the days past. Whether made of steel or hardwood, our line of caskets are available in a multitude of different styles, as well as for a variety of different needs.

Wood has been used in the construction of caskets for almost as long as the tradition itself has been around. Although they lost popularity at the rise of their metal counterparts, they are back in popular demand and are made featuring elegant details and hardware, and are finished  with gorgeous interiors. These caskets are constructed from the finest, most sturdy of hard woods available and are usually coated with an beautiful wood finish. Some even feature gorgeous, sculpted accents that give an overall affect of dignity, as well as grace. While many of these funerary boxes are made to withstand the elements for as long as possible, not all are. Wood caskets are also available for those who require a natural burial or cremation casket. This version employs only biodegradable materials, usually assembled using wooden pegs rather than metal nails, and are left with a beautiful natural finish, rather than lacquered. These create elegant and befitting tributes to those who followed a strict religion, or lead an environmentally conscious life and wished to have natural burial. And while they are suitable for cremation purposes, they would be appropriate for viewings, or for funeral or memorial services where the funeral caskets are displayed.

Metal and steel funeral home caskets are available in 32-ounce metal, as well as in 16, 18, or 20 gauge metal to provide a study look and feel.  These also feature the same exquisite interiors as their wooden cousins, as well as decorative hardware, such as full swing handle bars, elegantly polished lugs, and sculpted corners. Metal is still among the most popular of materials for this use, for the sturdiness and longevity it offers, as well as its versatility. A metal caskets can feature anything from an exquisite, solid color brought to a stunning, glossy shine, to shading effects, which incorporate two complimentary colors, or can even be personalized with photos or scenery.

Our line of caskets and coffins offers options to suit specific needs: Jewish ones follow the simple look and design required of that faith, cremation versions, as stated above, are low cost alternatives for families wanting a high quality piece as the focus of a funeral in which the deceased is to be cremated, child and infant ones are smaller versions of the full-size caskets, and burial vaults are also available, for those required by cemeteries or funeral homes. Whatever the casket need may be, there is sure to be a casket that will be an dignified and respectable tribute to a loved one.


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