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Marble & Bronze Statues

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Saint Marble Statues
Saint Marble Statues
Starting at $273.95
Over 89 Products
Jesus Marble Statues
Jesus Marble Statues
Starting at $237.95
Over 27 Products
Mary Marble Statues
Mary Marble Statues
Starting at $287.95
Over 17 Products

Bronze Statues
Bronze Statues
Starting at $3373.95
Over 25 Products
Jesus Bronze Statues
Jesus Bronze Statues
Starting at $2997.95
Over 14 Products
Mary Bronze Statues
Mary Bronze Statues
Starting at $1787.95
Over 17 Products

Fiberglass Statues
Fiberglass Statues
Starting at $987.95
Over 44 Products
Jesus Fiberglass Statues
Jesus Fiberglass Statues
Starting at $1393.95
Over 21 Products
Mary Fiberglass Statues
Mary Fiberglass Statues
Starting at $997.95
Over 24 Products

Bronze Wall Statues
Bronze Wall Statues
Starting at $1497.95
Over 119 Products
Granite Statues
Granite Statues
Starting at $573.95
Over 18 Products
Garden Statues
Garden Statues
Starting at $89.95
Over 17 Products


Information on Bronze and Marble Statues from Angels to Jesus

Sculpting is a branch of the visual arts in which an artist conveys an idea or image in three dimensions. Whether the statue created is hand carved from marble, cast from bronze, or molded from fiberglass, the pieces that are created have an otherworldly effect, pulling the eye of the observer to every detail in a way that everyone’s eye understands. Through the ages, as mankind worked to perfect the skill of creating these elaborate works, which is still an ongoing battle, and audiences to these creations have been drawn to, amazed, and in some cases appalled at the pieces brought forth. But, the main point of any work of art is to convey a message to the observer, a message that the observer themselves is to decipher; to entice the mind and even move the soul. Although many sculptures seen today are not master works, they still have the same effect of drawing the observer near, breaking them away from their thoughts, however briefly, to admire a work of art.

With that said, it is understandable how statues can make for elegant, long-lasting memorials that can be enjoyed for ages, even by those who may not be familiar with the deceased. Many families find comfort in knowing that an angelic sentinel will forever stand guard over the final resting place of their dearly departed. These elegant sculptures, however, are not necessarily reserved for memorializing the deceased. Perhaps, the likeness of a saint looks over the courtyard of a church, ensuring heavenly protection not only for those that enter, but anyone who passes by. Some customers have installed statues in favorite garden spots or at the entrances to special buildings, and even in front of their homes. No matter what the purpose, there is no doubt that statues bring heavenly images, beautiful figures and breathtaking scenes of nature to life in a way that paintings, and even photography, cannot.

Our most popular sellers are made of three different, long-lasting materials: marble, bronze and fiberglass. All three of the materials enable sculptures to depict age old religious scenes and symbols, with great beauty and grace. Images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Michelangelo’s Pieta, and the Crucifixion are all common on every type of material available. Angelic sculptures, whether in relief or free standing, are also very popular and are readily available in a variety of styles in the selection we offer. Marble statues are all made by Italian artists of very sturdy bonded marble, and bronze statues are constructed using the famous lost wax bronze casting method handed down through the centuries. Fiberglass statues are a relatively new concept, and their most enduring trait is the ability to capture rich colors permanently, in a way that few other materials can. Granite statues offer a substantial piece made of pure, natural granite, but have none the less detail than the molded pieces. These elegant works of art are crafted in the age old way of hand sculpting a sculpture from a solid piece of stone. New editions in the form of polystone angelic statues have also been added, but are more popular for those wishing to add an elegant accent to an existing home garden.

Adding a beautiful cemetery statue or angel statue to an existing monument will help create an unforgettable remembrance, especially when the statue reflects the nature of the person it memorializes. Alternatively, adding a statue to a display, whether commercial or at the home, can create beautiful, calming and even inspirational atmosphere. With the wide variety of designs, both classic and modern, available here on, there is sure to be a perfect piece for anyone.


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"I spent a lot of time looking for a nice flag display case for the burial flag from my father's funeral service. After searching a number of web sites and seeing the same case for a variety of different prices, this site was the best I could find in terms of pricing. The actual case is beautiful, and the workmanship is superb. For those who wonder what the back looks like, it is solid wood - not as thick as what is seen in the front, but is still nicely finished. Given that the case has hinges to open the front, the back has no small hooks to close the back. It makes a beautiful presentation for storage of a burial flag."
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Linda Tillinghast

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